Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh the Pride we swallow!

It's taking all I have to blog about this, but I figure those of you who read and know me will eventually find out and those of you who don't know me need to know the reality. I've also learned that secrets don't really help my soul, and that we all have some type of financial worry (even Trump)
I had to swallow ALL my pride today and ask B's biological father for some financial support. Daycare, diapers, activities, and doing enough to foster a toddlers development is expensive. I know you find that statement shocking! I know there are people who make less than I do and can make it, but B shouldn't have to go without (within reason) just because his "father" chooses to ignore him and live it up in Australia. By the way he got a new puppy. I figure if you can afford to buy a new dog, live it up in another country, and sport the latest fashions you should be able to "spot your child a week or two (at least) of daycare". However I'm realistic so I'm approaching this with a "you can't get it if you don't ask" attitude. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts....I'm hoping I'm not opening Pandora's box!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Has Arrived!!! But School is Starting for B!

Summer has arrived! We've spent our first week getting paper work done, cleaning, running errands, visiting local family, and what not. During this first week I realized that I haven't had to spend 24 hours a day 7 days in a row by myself with my son....EVER!!! I also realized that he IS 2. I thought it was going to be impossible for "MY SWEET BABY" to become a "Terrible 2 year old". but it happened! He screams at Nana and Papa. One minute he's laying on the floor crying, the next he's saying "I'll hit you", and then he's climbing up the door frame (literally). We still have our sweet moments but there is definitely a large gap in between his cuteness! Yes I'm disciplining him, yes I'm talking to him about being polite and what's acceptable and what's not, but some days I have thought "OH MY GOODNESS MAKE HIM GO AWAY". That took guts to admit! So I've decided, for multiple reasons, but initially because of the above that he needed to go to school two days a week. He went to day for a happy visit. He spent an hour with his first teacher, Ms. (oh my goodness I've forgotten her name)....I'll have to find out next week!
B's first day was not as I had expected, I'm learning much of parenting can't be fact expect nothing because you'll never be right! B went in and didn't want to paint with the other kids he wanted to play alone. That's when I realized I was doing the right thing, he needs to be introduced to structure and "schooling" if you will. I'm hoping that the name forgotten teacher can also help this mommy with some potty training's not going so well!