Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Called!

Many of my post have shared how much talking B does. Well tonight was the most quiet, even during sleeping that I've heard him be! Santa called! From the North Pole non-the-less! The caller ID said North Pole. The man's voice was nothing but genuine. He even knew B's name! What a treat.

B stood in one spot, swaying back and forth and grinning from ear to ear! He continuously smiled at me while nodding his head at every word he heard. B reports that Santa said that he will come when we are sleeping, that the elves are working hard, and that he's gonna bring B "cool stuff". Well isn't that dandy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Absolutly Love This!

Typically I don't have a problem talking about things (writing in this forum), however I can't find the correct words to describe how much I love watching the joy, spirit, and positive excitement of my son this season. So please excuse the random ramblings of this entry!
Every little corner, day or night, brings an exciting new something to talk about. The lights, the mystery, the family. He's running of room to room asking about every little ornament, candle, and decoration. He talks to anyone about Santa, Jesus, and parties.
This evening we had some time at home alone. I needed to spend some moments cleaning for our Family Christmas Party tomorrow morning. I wanted to clean the floors and set the table. He was so ginger when walking across the floor, even after it dried. He ran around the circle table setting the plates and silverware in their proper place. (NOTE: I'm not implying that he's a genius; I was telling him...but still he WANTED to help)! He's saying cute things like "mommy if we go to sleep Santa will come" and "can you sing that "Chwistmas" song again?". He's tickled pink with the gifts people give him, even the smallest thing. I love him for all of this! I love being his mom! I'm feeling very blessed, very happy, very calm, and pleased that 2008 has brought me to these moments and feelings!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the Season

Well it's here! The pressure cooker of excitement! The anticipation of seeing Santa on every corner. The love of lights, chocolates, and mysterious gifts that randomly appear!

We've begun a couple of weeks ago looking for the all the Holiday events. We've enjoyed spending time with family and friends. The Festival of Lights at the Zoo was great; especially through the eyes of an almost 4 year old. You would have thought we'd never rode the train before. His eyes wouldn't' blink when he spoke with the Talking Christmas White Tigers. The 4-D movie of Polar Express was way on the top of the excitement factor. We've seen trains, trees, ice skating rinks.

I'm enjoying the excitement; at least when it doesn't involve the typical child meltdown. I'm looking forward to the fun games to come. Like the Gibbs in NC! They have a contest in the car each year where they see who can find the most flame head decorations (you know the candle sticks with big flames that people decorate their yard with). I tried to wiggle my way into this game by calling out all the candy canes; but it's not the same when you're not in the car with people who want/are playing with you! B doesn't know it but this game is in our future and I'M GOING TO BE THE WINNER! :0

May your holiday events bring smiles to your face and warmth to your heart!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Forced Family Fun

Well we did it; our "Forced Family Fun" trip was a success. Granny took my Aunt Di, cousin Le, my Mom, Megan, and myself to Grand Ole' Opry! We stayed in the Cascades. The holiday decorations were absolutely gorgeous. I could have stayed and enjoyed them for at least two more nights. We saw the Rockettes and went to the ICE exhibit. ICE was unbelievable from an artistic point of view. The entire story of "The Grinch" was told completely in ice sculptures. There was even a 20 foot slide made out of ice. We all went down...even 88 year old Granny. The best part was just laughing and having fun. We took a "million" pictures of Granny (who hates the camera) for our gag gift exchange at Christmas. It was hilarious when she caught on to what were were doing; but you could tell she loved the attention.

B stayed home with Grandpa and Unc Kelen. I'm sure he had enough McD's to last him at least a month. Lord knows he didn't ask to eat there tonight. He is however punishing me for my absence! He's laying on the floor when told it's time to go, he's announcing that he is going to throw-up every four minutes, he's developed a skill of sticking his tongue out at me in irritation or disdain (my backhand is getting better as well). I finally broke down and sang "Santa Clause is Comin' To Town"...do you think that might help. I've taken away toys, banned TV, I just keep grasping at straws to find something...anything...that will convince him to be well behaved. I know he's only 3 but in my profession you see how quickly things can turn!
Keep us in your prayers....only one of us may make it through December!

*Side note: He said to me today....."Mom stop singing. I just can't take it any longer!" REALLY?!!! Where did he get that!!!!!!????????

Friday, November 21, 2008

What has gotten into him?

Seriously, I know everyday is different and I know you have to teach things to your child non-stop but B is almost 4, why is he now trying to BITE his TEACHER? Unbelievable, I thought many of our issues were due to his loss of hearing but that's fixed now. His "listening ears" have improved but for goodness sake....BITING?

I walked him into class this morning and Ms. Rosanna says "Oh, mom, I forgot to tell you that the other day I asked B to help clean up and he refused. When I sent him to timeout he ran over and tried to bite me!"

First, why didn't she tell me this the day of. What can I do now? Second, I want to beat his bottom...he knows we don't bite! I can conceptualize that he was angry, but that's not an excuse. GRRRRRR what do I say if anything at this point?

In addition, Ms. Rosanna then turns to another student and says and I'm upset with your daddy too. He threw all your papers in the trash without reading or looking at them. They are important. Well, I agree the papers are important but why would you tell a child that kind of information.

Got to run to a meeting! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cute Question

So B was a bit concerned last night that I didn't pick him up from school or come home before he was in bed. If you're a reader of all of the blog you know that's because of the PTA meeting that was called last night. So this morning my little guy crawls up into bed at 4:30 and feels on my face to make sure it's "mom". Then he says "Good Morning Mommy! You weren't home last night. What do Principals do?"

At 4:30 that's a REALLY good question. How do you answer that in toddler ease? Me? I said "Well I teach students how to behave at school. I help teachers learn to teach better, and I talk with Mommies and Daddies." He seemed satisfied and then broke into song and a dissertation about how much he loves his teacher.

"Goin' on a Bear Hunt! I"M NOT SCARED!" and "Moon, moon, moon" and the "Circle Time Song". So maybe I won't have an athlete maybe he'll be a singer! Either way I can be confident that asking questions won't be something he struggles with!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Couple of Things

1. Will I be able to finish the 10K Thanksgiving Day Race? Who knows. My legs are itching to get out and walk and I know time should never be an excuse but I just haven't been able to get it all done. Being a mom and this new job are about all I can handle. I hope things will soon feel more normal so I can get back into the "step" of things!

2. A PTA meeting that last until 9:45? Seriously, don't these people know I try and get up between 4:30 and 5! No wonder I can't get the walks in....I've got to sleep! (NO!!! I'm not even taking naps during the day, shit I'm not even getting to eat lunch)

3. When will the phrase "those people" be eliminated! I felt like I was back during the days of segregation tonight. Quotes from parents tonight: "We don't want those Kids here" meaning kids from other neighborhoods that are primarily black AND the students diagnosed Emotionally Disturbed.

4. When will people understand that mental illness isn't something that people request or want to have? Why do some of these teachers think their students with Mental Illness are misbehaving because they are just bad? It's so much deeper than that. So much more!

I'm sure this makes no sense but I had to jot it down so my brain would shut off and I could fall asleep!!
Good Night!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another crazy week

B had new ear tubes put in last week. He clearly recovered quicker than me. He woke up ready to go. Me I was spent from quietly stressing about his safety. The procedure really was as easy as they say. He was up and bounding around as soon as we got home. He did however make a huge throw-up mess at 10:30 pm. I was glad I took the next day off! We're good though. We, okay I, rested all weekend and felt like myself this morning! Haven't felt this rested in over a month. The job change has been full of fast paced stress and I'm still adjusting. Trying to give myself some slack to adjust. I've decided that I won't comment on liking or disliking the job until after B's birthday in January. That should be sufficient time to get the real feel of things.
Hope all is well in "reader" land!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Miss Elizabeth

She's here! We welcomed Elizabeth to the USA on Friday night. She is extremely shy but clearly loves her dads! What a precious, long awaited gifted. I hope someday I'll be able to share with her how much she is loved and how much she was wanted. The strides that were taken to make sure she could be with her family seemed arduous at the time but so worth it to see her smile and climb into Ed's lap!
She arrived (at 2 1/2 years of age) still using a bottle and eating only baby food. That sounds like it will be the first hurdle; switching her over to food. She's still in diapers but clearly knows when to let you know when she is wet. She speaks Spanish but understands English. It is clear that she likes to watch people and then mock the skills they demonstrated! I can't wait to see how long it takes her to adapt to our "princess" like US customs!
Ed will be back at work tomorrow. I wonder how hard it will be to leave her? I remember that first day leaving B at the sitter; but he was so tiny. I wonder how Ed will react to having her be at home without him....he's waited so long I can't believe that it wouldn't' be hard to leave her; not even for a second.

Today is also a special day because Miss AJ is 4 years old! We hear you are so big and got rid of your binki! Congrats on this accomplishment! We love you!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Elizabeth is on her way!!!

We just got a call on Thursday night and Ed is scheduled to pick Elizabeth up this week! He'll leave on Monday morning and return on Friday night! Her official Cincinnati arrival will forever be on Halloween! We are a flurry filling out final paperwork, getting things notarized, and just plain old excited!!!!! Ed will be able to see her as soon as he arrives and she will spend all of the week with him, but if all goes well the adoption will be officially complete on Thursday evening. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as anything goes in Guatemala!

And yes, this means I will be all alone in running the building all of this week. Who would have thought they'd leave me in charge so soon.....NOT ME!!! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fine Dinning

B and I were suppose to attend a Pumpkin Carving Party last night at one of my Elementary buildings. His Daycare called at 5 and said that B had thrown up twice and wasn't looking so healthy. Don't mothers hate when their babies are sick?
I called home and let them know we would be arriving and it turned out to be a special event. Unc Kelen was coming over for dinner with Catee. Nana had made a yummo Rachel Ray meal, and the table conversation was great. B just cuddled on the couch resting and adding various "I'm gonna get that" to the different commercials.
The evening was winding down, the conversations were dwindling, and then all of the sudden we hear B bellow "UNC". Kelen responded, there was a pause......B finishes "Will you come wipe my butt?" We laughed and Kelen didn't even flinch. After their time together in the bathroom, you know with toddlers this bathroom time is simply honest and valuable. B asked Unc "What's wrong with your face? It's scratchy". Kelen informed him that he was growing hair on his face and B might some day too. B thought this was the "funniest joke" Unc ever told and laughed for sometime.
Family dinner time is AMAZING!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Assistant Principal? YES, THAT'S ME!

What a whirlwind of a week. Friday the 9th I was offered an Assistant Principal position and accepted. Monday I was informed that it would be my last week in the Middle School. Not a lot of time to pack and adjust, but now that it has passed I'm glad the goodbye's didn't stretch out longer!
I packed on Monday and Tuesday then my fantastic siblings came and picked up the boxes while I participated in parent conference meetings. We informed the students about my departure on Tuesday afternoon. It was difficult and was my first session of crying. There were students crying and others just worried what the new team name would be (as the team leader our team has been called Team Weathers for three years now).
Wednesday was my first experience at Evendale Elementary. They weren't prepared for me so I received no office, no welcome, just hellos, and odd looks. I get the feeling this is a very tight group that will have to learn to trust me before they share anything or welcome me. I'll keep you up to date with this process. I'll be at Evendale Monday and Wednesday each week. One item I helped with was the "ghetto dictionary" as no one in the building knew what "twerk" or "get your booty on" meant. My experience at the Middle School made me prepared for those terms...maybe they'll need me after all! :)
Thursday had me traveling to Sharonville Elementary for my first introduction to their staff. It happened to be Bosses Day and they actually gave ME a gift. I moved my things into my office and was on my feet. We toured the building and I was introduced to each classroom. I was the district representative in an IEP meeting, assisted with Lunch Duty, was assigned a committee to run, given Data jobs, and ran all day. One of the preschool classes invited me to read to them this month and another came and gave me a piece of apple pie! A great treat since lunch was non-existent! My introduction was fast and furious, but the day went quick...being a girl who likes to eat I'm just gonna have to figure out where lunch plays into the day.
Friday was the most difficult day of all. My group of girls hosted a farewell breakfast. It was another crying event when they presented me with a gift and a speech about how proud of me they were. Let's just say their gift was very generous and my wardrobe will benefit from the addition of some principal outfits! The kids arrived and were cute all day giving me hugs, sending me pictures, and handing over gifts. I received a pack of Sharpies (they know I LOVE them), several teddy bears, and a basketball. It's amazing how they show their luv. At the end of the day we they threw a party: food, entertainment, and the like. One group played their instruments for me and another wrote a rap and performed it. I wish I would have gotten on video. We ate, hugged, and were merry. I sent them off with home made cookies and a chocolate eyeball telling them I would be watching them.
Such an emotional drain, leaving is hard, but this new adventure will be amazing! I have high hopes that I will love the new position and working at the Elementary Level. I'm ready!!! Stay tuned and be patient as I make this transition....the body is going to need to adjust.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I know!

Well Nancy, here it is an update. You may be the ONLY person who reads this but making you happy makes me happy so here I write.
The race? An amazing experience! I never in a million years thought I would walk 13.1 miles and enjoy it. It seems a bit sadistic to enjoy something that made you have diarrhea in a port-a-potty and puke relentlessly...but I did! The 16 weeks of training, walking rain or shine, vacation or not, morning or evening made me feel strong and determined. The race made me feel accomplished. I can honestly say I have never been as proud of myself as I was on that day; September 20, 2008!
*To see pictures go to brightroom.com
*click find photo
*next to name event type in United States and click find
*Select the race on 9/20/08
*type in 5027 next to bid number

Not to mention the bug has bit. I now have joined a running group. Lots of people, most importantly my sister. We meet up twice a week and I've started running/walking. The goal was first just to loose weight....oh that goal has been around for nearly two decades; but now the goal is to continue to feel as good as I did on the 20th. Strong, accomplished, successful! We'll race the Thanksgiving Day race and will shoot to finish in under 1 hour twenty minutes. Last year it took me 1 hour 40 minutes.
Interview! Today was the big day. I finally made it to Central Office for my interview for the Assistant Elementary Principal position. I had a writing assignment...hand written that is. It took me about an hour and a half. I felt like I did a thorough job. The question portion lasted about 50 minutes. I left feeling hopeful and comfortable. We'll see; those interviewers don't really let on (don't they call that a "poker" face)?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sixty Years

Yesterday my Dad turned 60! We threw his surprise party on Sunday. It was quaint but sweet. He wasn't all that surprised since Mom had left an invitation lay out, but he certainly was touched! Meg worked very hard on a scrap book with pictures, quotes, and all the cards people sent. I added in "The 60 Reasons We Love You". It's an awesome book!

It was amazing how this party moved him. Suddenly, I've come home the last couple of nights to see him sitting tearfully. He has expressed how good the scrapbook makes him feel. He shared that he has written several unsent letters to us kids, expressing how ashamed he is of how he has fathered us. I'm amazed that the man I look up to would feel low about himself. I'm amazed that he doesn't see that his ability to break the cycle of dysfunctional family life is amazing. I'm amazed that he doesn't see how we view his work ethic and skills as dying characteristics in this world.

Another noted change has been that Dad has started sharing stories and thoughts from Vietnam. There is so much about him that I don't know. So many stories that haven't been told. I think I'm going to investigate the Vietnam War more. I'd like to learn about his generation. About the fight for survival in war and in the return. I don't want this generation to leave this world, without being recognized for their great dedication and achievement. Not that one person will validate all of their struggles or give them great honor, but I feel obligated to do my part.

I'm Amazed!

Friday, August 22, 2008

For the Love of Shoes

The return to school has been painless...except for my feet! The first day I wore comfortable sandals with a wedge heal, no pain just a bit sore from standing all day...maybe I should consider training for work in the future. The second day I sported my Crocks so all was well. The third day had me brave and I was dying to wear my new shinny oatmeal heals! By the time I arrived to work my personal heals were bleeding...blisters and all on both feel. The fourth day I evaluated my lower extremity situation and opted for a high wedge black sandal...comfortable! I walked into the quiet building only to notice that my shoes made an irritating and LOUD squeak with every single flippin' step! The shoes were violently placed in the corner of the room and I proceeded through the day bare foot (but at least not pregnant)! The fifth day brought me to a Friday and with much joy my piggies found themselves comfortably placed in my New Balance gym shoes. They were warm in my 85 degree classroom but smiling non-the-less!

I love cute shoes! I will continue to try and wear cute/sexy shoes, but we'll be taking a break this week!

Friday, August 15, 2008

"I Dressed Myself"

I've returned to work this week. Each morning I've gotten up, walked, gotten ready and headed out the door. Nana took on taking B to daycare so that he wouldn't have to get up so early this week. This morning B was up when I left...in his pj's watching cartoons with his choc milk and bar. He bid me farewell with a kind "have a good day".
It was a good day!
I entered the room to pick B up to a wonderful surprise. A pair of Spider man jeans about 3 inches too short and a sleeveless shirt with orange, green, and blue; and best of all a pair of spider man sandals. I only wish I could have gotten a picture of it!
Needless to say he's not leaning anywhere near being a metro-sexual. Apparently my mom tried to get him to change his outfit but he was so proud in saying "I dressed myself!" with a meltdown at the request of a new outfit! So his pride won out and he looked (as my students would say) "a hot mess" today! God love him!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What we've been up to!

Well the house, however perfect, will not be ours. I decided the timing just isn't right for us and I have a goal for this year to put us in a better place for buying the "true perfect" house. I'm going to focus on aggressively paying down my debt. I'm also going to finish applying for my Principal certificate, get my resume updated, and be ready to look for a principal job for next school year. So this year will be light on the gift giving, the traveling, and the eating dinners out. The rewards will be outstanding!!!

This week B went back to school full time and I followed suit. It was nice to be back in the building getting my room ready. Today I finally took a deep breath at my desk and thought "I can spend time here!" I'm ready. So the bulletin boards are done, the cleaning is as good as it gets, the papers are copied, I'm confident and ready for the new group of kids.

B took on the topic of wildlife. He's told me all about quails, rabbits, turtles, and snails. He loves learning, swimming, walking with his mom, kung-fu fighting, and aggravating. Got to love him!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Perfect House

Well today's been hard. I looked at a house. It met all the criteria. I could afford it but would we have electricity, basic cable, water, oh yeah and then food. I think I'm too scared. Not that I want to share all of my financial issues cause that's not what it's about. I'm just putting my fears out there. I worry, or should I say feel bad, that I'm not able to provide better for my son. At any rate check out the house.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Joe No Go! and Funny Things Kids Say

So Joe never called. I guess not offering to pay for lunch should have been a sign, I'll try and keep that in mind.

However M has called. He's dropping hints of being interested but I'm still taking it slow because I'm not sure of his status. He mysterious...maybe that's the attraction.

Yesterday I was on the phone with a co-worker who doesn't know my family. This is the moment B decides to run up stairs butt naked! OOOO you're thinking well the woman on the phone couldn't see him. It wasn't his nakedness that struck me funny it was the fact that he adamantly and loudly declared that he couldn't eat his penis. Yes that's right blogger fans my son said with great frustration "Mommy, Mommy, I can't eat my penis!" Oh if that was the end it would be funny but it's not, it gets better! He proceeds to sit down with his skinny little legs stretched out, he bends forward to demonstrate his lack of ability to "eat his penis".

Where do they get this stuff??

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well today was the lunch date with Joe. It was comfortable talking with him. We only had about 45 minutes because he had to head back to work. We slowly hit on several topics, biking, half-marathon training, the whole It's Just Lunch (IJL) dating world, kids, jobs, weekend plans, and asking for phone number controversies. This is the first date with this "program" that my date hasn't paid. I was surprised but not annoyed, I mean I've always expected to pay just haven't had to. He seems to be a "rule follower" and that IS how the rules of IJL are presented. We left the restaurant and headed to our cars and he asked for my number. I let him know that I would really enjoy hearing from him....which was the truth. I didn't ask for his number, thinking the ball should be in his court. I'm hoping he calls. He's different than the men I've previously been attracted to. He's average, normal, calm, nice...but for some reason I was a bit drawn to him. We'll see! I am getting better at approaching me and feeling like I deserve to have their attention and respect...but I haven't gotten any better at understanding/knowing what they're thinking!!!! The adventure continues.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Ramblings!

1. Nick and John did this great Treasure Hunt for the kids in NC. Nancy called and asked John to put out a couple of pennies for the kids to find on our evening walk. To make a long story short, and save any embarrassment on "Martha's" part, the walk got cancelled...well all most. We drug the kids out at nearly 10 for a wagon pulled walk. They used their flashlights and were told that the Pirates in the neighborhood had dropped some things. Well these pirates lived the high life. Our little ones found two piles of silver coins each and a goodie bag that included popcorn, High-end chocolate, and an apple! I knew it was a success when they both started shouting "thank you" to the pirates from the street! A great night and a cute group of kids and pirates to boot!

2. Last night was my return to Party in the Park. I had done some serious mental preparing...knowing he (EW) would be there! For those of you behind, EW is a friend that turned into more and lets just say between complications, surprises, and his love for self my heart was broken. So in preparation to have him remain on my team this year I've done a bit of detachment and emotional rebuilding. This was our first time talking and/or seeing each other since the last day of school and our last fight. It was awkward, but I prevailed, spoke and was friendly. I am so proud of me...no giving in and asking to have a "talk" with him, no demanding an apology. Maybe I've come to accept that he is who he is and HE isn't right for me. It was draining, I had to keep serious tabs on my thoughts and self talk, but I made it and I'm confident I'll continue to make it as well.

3. Marlon, AKA "my boyfriend who doesn't know he's my boyfriend" also earned a shady tag. Here's the question to the masses: How do you make it clear that you expect more than a booty call and are not interested in holding that title? Seriously, I haven't presented myself as a booty call, but I'm starting to get the impression that's what he's interested in. Some say you have to verbally set them straight. Others say you should just "scratch them off the list". What do you think?

4. Lunch date tomorrow. I'll be meeting Joe. He's said to be 37, 5'10'', has two children, is a project manager, likes to lift weights at the gym, enjoys the theater, street festivals, hiking, traveling, just about anything. He's also reported to be funny and caring. I'll let you know how this one turns out!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where does time go?

Well in April I committed to walking the USAF 1/2 marathon. I'm happy (and proud) to say my training is still going well and I'm feeling very strong in my commitment! Instead of using this event just as a personal success I'm trying to include my son by telling him "Mom has to talk her walk so she can be more healthy". He seems to be more accepting of my morning departures and the talk of health has entered our vocabulary more often. I so do not want B to have to deal with the life-long struggle of a weight issue like I've had to. His eating leaves a lot to be desired so my concern grows, exercise will be a must for us!
Summer has brought about rest and recuperation, a much needed break from this past school year. B and I have spent a great deal of time swimming at the Y, going to Kings Island, visiting the Zoo, and taking a big two week trip to NC. It's been fun spending time with him, but I have gained a great deal of admiration for stay at home moms. I love my son, but my time at work is needed for us to have a calmer relationship. He needs for me to be away so I can have more patience for him.
Our vacation to NC was big fun. We spent our time at the Gibbs house, visiting with their family (including Gramma Sherri, a very special matriarch). It was fun to watch AJ and B bond. They even began acting just like siblings. You know fighting and bickering, but then protecting each other when one was in trouble or being aggravated by another person. B even told one of the Lifeguards that AJ was with girlfriend, mind you this was not even a half an hour after they had been driving Nancy and I crazy with fighting in the car.
The kids went to camp (church) each morning while the moms visited "The Diner" for breakfast. We then went shopping, I am afraid to say that I did more than my part in keeping the NC economy going. Coach, Polo, Crocks, Kamelon, Yard flags, Sweet Paws, Build-A-Bear, and I can't forget the JCPenny photography department! Whoops....how could I neglect the sneaky NC smigs!?
This trip also allowed me to spend some time with my friend Emily. This trip was different from the last one. Emily, Nancy, and I were able to hang out and it really did feel just like old times. Those two woman were amazing friends then and I'm so glad that we can always just pick up where we left off....even when I've sucked at stay in touch. Good times, good people, good friends....more than I could ever ask for!
So many special events that I'll have to make a separate post about the cookout, the comedy club, the swimming days, Cold-Stone, and the Treasure Hunt. Keep your eyes peeled I'm off to continue the huge job of unpacking!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I've never been a good test taker, so as a teacher my sympathy runs very deep for my students when comes to taking standardized test. This week my 'babies" at school have taken the Ohio Proficiency Test. What a ridiculous creation! We sit all the students in the sate down to take the same assessment and we then rate the teachers talents and the school setting. Not one evaluation takes into account home life, family support, and academic focus.
So here I am, buying clothes and food for at least 5 of my students, making sure at least three of them get showers more than once a week, and teaching not only content but character as well. Then these mysterious people who have never met my students, never heard about their home lives, or asked what grade level skills they were on when they arrived to my room come and write a general test to determine how good of a teacher I am. It's offensive! Don't get me wrong, I know there are teachers out there who don't do what they're suppose to do and do not have the best interest of the students at heart, but a standardized test isn't going to solve that. I don't have all the answers. I wish I did. Do you?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Deed is Done.... Now one foot in front of the other!

My entire life has been filled with great distaste for running, but with that distaste came great admiration for people who could commit to and finish marathons. It has always been a secret desire of mine, despite my distaste, to show this kind of commitment. So I've gone and done it...I've signed up for my first race. OK, my goal was to shoot for realism and work towards the dream so I'll be competing in the USAF Half-Marathon in September. My plan is to walk the 13.1 miles. Again, I decided not to pretend that I'm still a healthy athlete instead just admit that the athlete is hidden under years of pizza, beer, and oh yeah a baby.
My official training will begin the first of June but I will be easing into walking daily until then. I had attempted to be prepared for the half-marathon for the flying pig, but sickness all winter really hit me hard so hopefully my body is ready now. Wish me luck..better yet persistence. I'll keep ya posted on my success!

Note other secret dreams I may be attempting within the next 5 years a full marathon and a triathlon. Only time will tell.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A shot worth keeping!

My good friends Keith and Karri have started a business called "3x3 Photography". The company is in it's early stages, but their work is tried and true! When I was pregnant with B they had this gorgeous collage of pictures of their oldest son. After I discovered that Keith had taken the pictures I made them promise to produce one of my child after my delivery. They agreed and I smile daily as I pass their view of my precious piece of art. (okay that may have been a bit queer, but when you really think of it he did grow in my womb for 9 months...and that is the longest time I've ever worked on a piece of art....and he is priceless so queer it is.)

How ecstatic was I when they informed me that they were starting a business and wanted to take an older view of B. I couldn't ask for better shots! They are getting their web page up and running soon and I will post it when they do. Let me know if you are interested so I can pass the word along and encourage them that their new business is a "hot commodity". I hope you can experience the joy of captivating the special flash moments of your little one and having them turned into art. The 3 x3 above will be for my home and the 3x1 will be for my father's (an optometrist) office.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bye bye tonsils, bye bye ear infections...HELLO SPRING!

Today was the big day. We were scheduled to have surgery at 2:00pm. I woke B up at 4am to eat and basically force fed him until 6. Bless his heart he fell back asleep awoke to his mother being gone to a doctors appointment and his Papa telling him no more food! We had to resort to tying the cabinets and refrigerator shut. He was not happy about not eating but after I got home I did my best to distract him. We flew a kite, raided the library for movies and way to many books (not that reading is bad, but I might have thrown my back out). God love him he had no clue what was coming. I mean, we prepared! We read books, talked about the mask, sleepy gas, the bed with wheels, and the arm "hug" the nurse would give him. Three year old's just don't have forethought.

We arrived to Children's Outpatient Mason branch at 1:00. B was getting more and more ravenous, searching for food...even crumbs in the bottom of my purse. Don't tell but he did find a random (and I'm sure filthy piece of candy in the car, but we pried it from his lips). We checked in, and went to the play room. He was so co-operative with all the staff, he didn't talk much (now that's a surprise), but was willing to try on the mask, be weighed, and have his temp and blood pressure taken. The ONLY thing he didn't want to do was to put on the hospital outfit! So my little guy paraded around in his Spiderman boxer-briefs. He strutted to the play room for a while, had surgery, recovered, and even stayed in that outfit until we arrived home. I only wish I would have had my camera.

Walking him to the pre-op room wasn't bad. Convincing him to wear the mask was a struggle, but not scary. My friends had all warned me that this would be the worst part that it may even look like he was dying, but that wasn't my feeling at all. He looked so helpless, and I hate giving up control. So there lay my little baby, helpless, and I'm turning over control to these people I've never met...not to mention that although it was best for B he didn't have any say. I had a couple of tears run down my face but then I was fine.

We waited for about 45 minutes and then were called back to the recovery room. They reported that he had a very difficult time coming out of anesthetics but after that he was a champ. The people at Children's were amazing. Every person that had come into contact with B came to check on him. Each person was complimentary, supportive, informative, and best of all personable. The day could not have gone better!!

My only complaint, which isn't even one at all, is that they told me he'd come home and be exhausted. He's running around, wanting to wrestle, eating like an animal who just found food, and talking non-stop!! I'm glad he's healthy, but the stress I didn't realize I was carrying has worn me out and I could use some cuddle time! Maybe tomorrow! I am so thankful that we have been blessed with a safe and hitch less procedure!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Date

Well Mr. Pilot was much more fun than Dr. Dr.! He had a great sense of humor, well at least he laughed at my jokes. No love connection though. There wasn't that physical attraction. Patience is a virtue, and I'm giving credit where credit is due....at least I'm out there dating. I'm learning not to approach men like I'm in battle instead I'm working on being the person I am with my female friends. It's odd that one would consider battling with men when all she has ever thought of or dreamed of was being in a relationship, but I'm learning that every action I make in this area is a defense mechanism to protect myself. Even though I think I've been hurt, I know I'm going to have to take a risk and let one of these men know me for me. Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers, this is something I really want to get right!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crazy Dreams! I need a Dream Interpreter!

So the last few nights have been blessed with much sleep disruption. Typically this comes only from one source, my son...but this week is different! True B is up and down all night long for anything from the bathroom emergency to a desire to watch cartoons (even if it's 2:00 am). Side note: What ever happened to my sleep like a rock baby boy?

So the dreams? Well, they have all included major players in my past life. Like Mark and Scott from grade school, and Carly and Natalie from college. I haven't spoken to three of these people for nearly a decade if not more. I've kept up with Carly but we haven't spoken in almost a year. The first set of dreams had me marrying Mark, all of our family was vividly present in the dream. everyone seemed happy (even me) but when I awoke my gut felt sick. Mark was one of those boys you just had an odd attraction to but the stars never aligned for him to like you when you like him and vise-verse. Then Scott, who was the cutest blond hair blue eyed bully I've ever laid eyes on. I was so "IN LUV" was a fire fighter that showed up to the wedding. Go figure! I haven't seen or heard from these guys in nearly two decades. Why now in my dreams? What is my mind going through?
Dream #2 has me attending a party with Carly only to find that she's invited all of her buddies. I have a great sense of anger leave, come back, and leave again. I feel left out, bitter, and tearful. She tells me that I have to get myself together or I need to rethink going on a vacation we had planned. I cry, tell her I know I've got issues and I'm sorry and leave. Then B wakes me up for his cartoon fix (note to all the mothers out there: I typically battle this and don't give in but this time the TV came on and I went back to sleep desperately trying to find out the ending to my dream.
I'm sure neither of these dreams have been expressed as vividly as I see them in my head. I just can't shake the oddness of them. I'm perplexed by their meaning or why my brain is focusing on these people now? Our bodies are amazing!!!! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Been A Long Time....Shall we try again?

With life bringing so many changes and so much time going by I have no idea where to start so I'll start with today. It's been quiet in our small and crowded house. We still are living with my parents, since the sale of our home last year. Yes, it is crowded but right now the benefits out weigh the negatives so we're happy. B has a male role model in the house and Papa does a great job with him. Nana clearly loves B's energy and is a saint when it comes to taking care of the daily rig-a-ma-ra (laundry and what not)......not to mention bringing this mama back to sanity every now and again!

I've been brought back to this blogging concept by a good friend, Karri. She and her family stopped into Cinti. to visit. They took pictures of B, for another collage.....she and Keith (her husband - who is super artistic) started a business doing fantastic children's photo collages. (Karri send the a web site and I'll post it)! I love reading Karri's blog, her words flow so well, she can express her humor, frustration, and excitement through the text. I guess I've always felt I was better at expressing myself through my facial expressions....so blogging does not come easy! And now that I think about it......Karri you may be my only reader, so me posting a web page for you may not do you much good!

This spring has brought about some changes, as each season should. I'm working on the dating scene. Went out with a doctor last month...my enthusiasm clearly scared him. This week I'll be meeting a pilot for dinner. My spring goal is to approach the dating world less like a battle and more like a positive adventure. So I've gathered all my "self-help" books....clearly they may not really work because there are a zillion to choose from and that particular industry never seems to stall. I've read such books as "Why Hasn't He Called" and "What Men Really Want". I can say that both of these books were straight shooters, they included all the niddy-griddy when it came to a man's thinking. Tonight my worry, or hardship, is that everything I've read reminds me that men are visual beings. I'm not feeling like the worlds most beautiful (doesn't help that I've been home watching ANTM). I am finally at a point in my life where I can list my positive qualities without feeling like I'm bragging. I can even point out my favorite physically characteristics without hesitation. But I recognize that I'm not the physical fantasy woman that men are drawn to.....how then do woman like me meet the right man? Time will tell and I will continue to stick with it. I'll keep you posted...on the blog of coarse since I'm going to give it a whirl....AGAIN!

Question: All the books say the first date should include small talk. Well when is it okay for me to talk about my son? I don't want to be the annoying parent who has nothing else to talk about but clearly he's a HUGE and IMPORTANT part of who I am!

April begins this week and it will be a rocky start for us. Nana is gone this week! She'll be in Vegas with Megan. It'll be me and the boys in the house for the week. I say it will be rocky, because as my mother has pointed out the day to day routines for running a house are not my favorite part of being domesticated. Then B has surgery on the 8th. We're heading in for ear tubes, and will also get his adenoids and tonsils taken out. We're preparing with books and short conversations about it. He response "cool man" to riding the bed with wheels and breathing in air from the mask. Hopefully he'll still think it's cool when it's happening in the hospital!

Heading back to work, from a lovely spring break, tomorrow... so I'm heading to bed now!