Saturday, January 31, 2009

My new addiction!

So January has brought about many surprises. The start of the year in the hospital with the dog bite, B being sick for a little over a week, B's birthday, my stomach virus, Nana's birthday, and four snow days to round out the month. It's been crazy. Needless to say my "Resolutions" have not been off to a smashing start. Walking has been slim due to illness and extreme low temps and ice storms. The Doctorate has been put off until next year due to deadlines. the time spent at home during this cold weather has brought me to enjoy "Face book". I swore I'd never do it...and now I'm glad I am! I've reconnected with friends from my past. We've had fun reminding each other of stories and events that either of us had forgotten, we've planned to reconnect for dinner, we're planning on getting our kids together for play dates! It's fun!! It's also fun to see pics that people I talk with frequently post. Bantering back and forth on each others walls is entertaining as well. Additionally I'm addicted to a couple of the games like Sudoku, Who Has The Biggest Brain, and Scramble. Now I'm searching for a balance between life and face book; work and face book; breathing/blinking and face book! Wish me luck and I'd love to see you on my friends list (if you dare)!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!

So for those of you who aren't clear, B and I live with my parents for the time being. Although the set up is amazing and helpful the quarters are tight; which involves the two of us sharing a bedroom. He's been very restless as far as sleeping goes and I've been wishing for a "break".
Nana, granted my wish! She and B went to Dayton to visit Granny Great for four days. Of coarse I missed the lil fella but truth be told I was stoked! I was ready to run free, even if that did mean working-out after work, going to the grocery alone, or not watching Sponge-Bob.
No kidding as soon as the two of them hit I-75 I started coming down with a NASTY stomach virus. The kind where you are thankful that you don't have a grandiose bathroom. I pushed through work on Thursday and Friday...thinking just make it until 4 and then you can rest. HAHAHAHAHa
Friday, around 1 a student of ours had a major behavioral meltdown. This episode lasted until 3:30, before we decided we needed to call 911. Seriously, no family member would get in touch with us, not even after 15 calls. As the ambulance rolled in to take him I suddenly realized that I was on, as far as being the District Representative. Yes, my friends I had to ride in the Ambulance to the hospital. This poor 10 year old had no, I repeat NO, family show up. I in good conscious couldn't leave him, especially after he looked me dead in the eyes and said "Ms. W, you aren't gonna leave me here alone are you?" So I sat. I sat with this boy as he weaved in and out of crisis. I sat as we waited for the hospital to decide if he needed to be admitted to the Children's Mental Facility. At 11, yes 7 hours after I thought I would be resting, the hospital admitted him and I was no longer allowed to stay. (a fact that I was almost thankful for)
So the way I figure it, I asked for a "break" from my own son but by default gained the work of another mother, one who apparently needed a break too. The end to my week made me thankful for the time and energy that B takes up because he so healthy, happy, and loving. Spending time, even if it is battling bed time wars is so much easier and pleasant than taking on someone else's issues. Please remind me of that the next time I'm looking for a "break".
As for me and the virus....well it hung around all weekend and I've planned to take Monday off. Tuesday I should be rip roarin' ready to go!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Birthday Party

Today, as far as B is concerned is the day that he turned to 4. Nana and grandpa made a airplane cake. Uncle Kel and Catee, Uncle Ben and Aunt Megan came over for a dinner. We opened presents and spent a quick quality time. B opened clothes; not exactly his favorite but necessary for his upcoming trip. He got a fantastic spider man lamp, hot wheels town, and a transformer. His little hands didn't know what to grab first but he was a happy guy. As I put him to bed he said "Mom I love my birthday." Was it because he felt special or because he got gifts. Either way he's cute and 4! Where does time go?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Is There Enough Room?

Just so I can remember how sweet some of the things that B says:

1. At 2:00 am; "Mommy is there enough room for me?" as he asks to sleep in my bed.

2. "Mommy will you do me a "favorite"?" (means: will you do me a favorite)

3. No fanks

4. "Mommy you know what I'm thinkin you thinkin?" "Do ya?"

B - There will always be room for you with me! As we approach your 4th Birthday I remember how far you've come. As I see your long legs climb up on the furniture I remember you curled up in my arms at the hospital. I not only cherish the moments we have had but look forward to the places we'll be going together.

I Love you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Before the new year arrived I like many people sat down and made a plan for the upcoming year. the difference between this year and previous years is that I'm making a plan not a resolution! We'll see if that makes a difference.
1. I'm planning on walking another 1/2 marathon in the spring.
2. I'm planning to prepare to start the 2010 year off with a full marathon.
3. I'm planning on applying for a Doctorate program.
(I think that's enough for personal planning)

So how did it all start off. Well my plans are in action and my training is on the go. The rest of life however flopped!

On January 1 B was bitten by our neighbors dog. The bite is on his face and is rather ugly. We spent several hours in the Emergency Room. We left with stitches, lots of antibiotics, and an exhausted family. He seems to be recovering well, although the medicine regime is difficult. We've met with "the dog" and forgave her. All is working back towards happy!

January 2 left me sitting at a dinner table (in public) all alone. It's called being stood up for a blind date. I haven't heard the reason yet, and maybe I really don't want to. I'm not nearly as devastated today as I was that evening; however I did stay and eat the meal. I was impressed that I didn't run...growth is a beautiful thing.

Even though the first two days of 2009 brought not so fun surprises I'm feeling good about the upcoming year!