Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Deed is Done.... Now one foot in front of the other!

My entire life has been filled with great distaste for running, but with that distaste came great admiration for people who could commit to and finish marathons. It has always been a secret desire of mine, despite my distaste, to show this kind of commitment. So I've gone and done it...I've signed up for my first race. OK, my goal was to shoot for realism and work towards the dream so I'll be competing in the USAF Half-Marathon in September. My plan is to walk the 13.1 miles. Again, I decided not to pretend that I'm still a healthy athlete instead just admit that the athlete is hidden under years of pizza, beer, and oh yeah a baby.
My official training will begin the first of June but I will be easing into walking daily until then. I had attempted to be prepared for the half-marathon for the flying pig, but sickness all winter really hit me hard so hopefully my body is ready now. Wish me luck..better yet persistence. I'll keep ya posted on my success!

Note other secret dreams I may be attempting within the next 5 years a full marathon and a triathlon. Only time will tell.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A shot worth keeping!

My good friends Keith and Karri have started a business called "3x3 Photography". The company is in it's early stages, but their work is tried and true! When I was pregnant with B they had this gorgeous collage of pictures of their oldest son. After I discovered that Keith had taken the pictures I made them promise to produce one of my child after my delivery. They agreed and I smile daily as I pass their view of my precious piece of art. (okay that may have been a bit queer, but when you really think of it he did grow in my womb for 9 months...and that is the longest time I've ever worked on a piece of art....and he is priceless so queer it is.)

How ecstatic was I when they informed me that they were starting a business and wanted to take an older view of B. I couldn't ask for better shots! They are getting their web page up and running soon and I will post it when they do. Let me know if you are interested so I can pass the word along and encourage them that their new business is a "hot commodity". I hope you can experience the joy of captivating the special flash moments of your little one and having them turned into art. The 3 x3 above will be for my home and the 3x1 will be for my father's (an optometrist) office.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bye bye tonsils, bye bye ear infections...HELLO SPRING!

Today was the big day. We were scheduled to have surgery at 2:00pm. I woke B up at 4am to eat and basically force fed him until 6. Bless his heart he fell back asleep awoke to his mother being gone to a doctors appointment and his Papa telling him no more food! We had to resort to tying the cabinets and refrigerator shut. He was not happy about not eating but after I got home I did my best to distract him. We flew a kite, raided the library for movies and way to many books (not that reading is bad, but I might have thrown my back out). God love him he had no clue what was coming. I mean, we prepared! We read books, talked about the mask, sleepy gas, the bed with wheels, and the arm "hug" the nurse would give him. Three year old's just don't have forethought.

We arrived to Children's Outpatient Mason branch at 1:00. B was getting more and more ravenous, searching for food...even crumbs in the bottom of my purse. Don't tell but he did find a random (and I'm sure filthy piece of candy in the car, but we pried it from his lips). We checked in, and went to the play room. He was so co-operative with all the staff, he didn't talk much (now that's a surprise), but was willing to try on the mask, be weighed, and have his temp and blood pressure taken. The ONLY thing he didn't want to do was to put on the hospital outfit! So my little guy paraded around in his Spiderman boxer-briefs. He strutted to the play room for a while, had surgery, recovered, and even stayed in that outfit until we arrived home. I only wish I would have had my camera.

Walking him to the pre-op room wasn't bad. Convincing him to wear the mask was a struggle, but not scary. My friends had all warned me that this would be the worst part that it may even look like he was dying, but that wasn't my feeling at all. He looked so helpless, and I hate giving up control. So there lay my little baby, helpless, and I'm turning over control to these people I've never met...not to mention that although it was best for B he didn't have any say. I had a couple of tears run down my face but then I was fine.

We waited for about 45 minutes and then were called back to the recovery room. They reported that he had a very difficult time coming out of anesthetics but after that he was a champ. The people at Children's were amazing. Every person that had come into contact with B came to check on him. Each person was complimentary, supportive, informative, and best of all personable. The day could not have gone better!!

My only complaint, which isn't even one at all, is that they told me he'd come home and be exhausted. He's running around, wanting to wrestle, eating like an animal who just found food, and talking non-stop!! I'm glad he's healthy, but the stress I didn't realize I was carrying has worn me out and I could use some cuddle time! Maybe tomorrow! I am so thankful that we have been blessed with a safe and hitch less procedure!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Date

Well Mr. Pilot was much more fun than Dr. Dr.! He had a great sense of humor, well at least he laughed at my jokes. No love connection though. There wasn't that physical attraction. Patience is a virtue, and I'm giving credit where credit is least I'm out there dating. I'm learning not to approach men like I'm in battle instead I'm working on being the person I am with my female friends. It's odd that one would consider battling with men when all she has ever thought of or dreamed of was being in a relationship, but I'm learning that every action I make in this area is a defense mechanism to protect myself. Even though I think I've been hurt, I know I'm going to have to take a risk and let one of these men know me for me. Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers, this is something I really want to get right!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crazy Dreams! I need a Dream Interpreter!

So the last few nights have been blessed with much sleep disruption. Typically this comes only from one source, my son...but this week is different! True B is up and down all night long for anything from the bathroom emergency to a desire to watch cartoons (even if it's 2:00 am). Side note: What ever happened to my sleep like a rock baby boy?

So the dreams? Well, they have all included major players in my past life. Like Mark and Scott from grade school, and Carly and Natalie from college. I haven't spoken to three of these people for nearly a decade if not more. I've kept up with Carly but we haven't spoken in almost a year. The first set of dreams had me marrying Mark, all of our family was vividly present in the dream. everyone seemed happy (even me) but when I awoke my gut felt sick. Mark was one of those boys you just had an odd attraction to but the stars never aligned for him to like you when you like him and vise-verse. Then Scott, who was the cutest blond hair blue eyed bully I've ever laid eyes on. I was so "IN LUV" was a fire fighter that showed up to the wedding. Go figure! I haven't seen or heard from these guys in nearly two decades. Why now in my dreams? What is my mind going through?
Dream #2 has me attending a party with Carly only to find that she's invited all of her buddies. I have a great sense of anger leave, come back, and leave again. I feel left out, bitter, and tearful. She tells me that I have to get myself together or I need to rethink going on a vacation we had planned. I cry, tell her I know I've got issues and I'm sorry and leave. Then B wakes me up for his cartoon fix (note to all the mothers out there: I typically battle this and don't give in but this time the TV came on and I went back to sleep desperately trying to find out the ending to my dream.
I'm sure neither of these dreams have been expressed as vividly as I see them in my head. I just can't shake the oddness of them. I'm perplexed by their meaning or why my brain is focusing on these people now? Our bodies are amazing!!!! Let me know what you think!