Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Gang's Back Together

We headed out to Ed and Wayne's house for a long overdue get together. Ed always has an amazing feast ready to serve. We hung out while the kids played and took a couple of hikes through the woods with Wayne the tour guide. I'm sure he pointed out all the deer dropings and critter tracks....the kids (except B) were in heaven. B was in heaven giving wet willies to the adults and slobbering zerberts on the arms of all the beautiful moms. Thank God I have friends with a sense of humor or we'd be kicked out of this "gang" for sure! A couple of rounds of corn hole with several beers started the evening. The kids partook in glow in the dark balls and sparklers before attempting to settle into a movie or two. The the Poker began. Okay Mr. David DID win a with no money on the table. I'm not sure who took the dough for the second round but it was either Mr. Chad or Mr. Wayne. We woman didn't represent very well but there's always the next gathering.....cause we CAN play (but only with my cheat sheet)!
Guys we shouldn't let this much time pass between our visits!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Swimming with the Girls

Last summer we had weekly dates with Emily and Grace, but this summer with everyone's vacations our first visit didn't happen until July. Although the weather wasn't great the pool, the food, and most importantly the company was. We all got in the pool (except Mrs. Sherri....hummmmmmm how did that happen?). The girls went off the diving board and showed off their swimming a swimmer I was impressed! B played with his water squirter (as I'm avoiding the gun word......he's not but I am) and got into the water a bit. After swimming we headed to Mrs. Sherri's house. The kids played while we visited. Somehow we ended up taking home a trash bag full of Little People and three villages home. B was in heaven. we got home and he dumped all of his new toys onto the floor and found all the pieces that made "great" noises. You all know how I LOVE toys that make noise. Okay that was sarcastic but I DO LOVE the girls and Mrs. Sherri!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Ballon Glow

We're building stamina! B went to school today. Cried and cried when I left, but by the time I got to the main entrance to check out the camera in his classroom he was playing with his friends. Got to LUV the guilt trip. After school we headed out to have dinner and a date with Joelle, Belle, and Josh. Applebee's for dinner and then down to Coney Island for the balloon glow and fireworks. It was a great evening, the weather wasn't too hot, the crowd was there but the line for the ice cream wasn't long, the balloon's held us over until the fireworks "boomed".
Speaking of ice cream, a hint to all you mom's who still have kids in a stroller: when handing your child ice cream and leaving them in the stroller remember that people passing by smiling at your child usually are not doing so because they think he's cute. It's more because your kid has ice cream from head to toe......LITERALLY! What a mess, but wasn't B excited to walk around without a shirt...."showin' his muscles".
As the sun set the tethered hot air balloons began to all light their fire together. It was a beautiful sight! B is still talking about the "air bawoons". The fireworks were a great end to the evening. The Rozzi (I think I spelled it right) family always does Cincinnati well. The fireworks were big and colorful. It was as if they were dancing through the sky; pictures just didn't do them justice.
Okay just so you don't think my life is all roses; we did wait in line for a full 55 minutes to get out of the parking lot, 20 of which was in the same exact spot...but who has road rage?. The good news is the kids behaved beautifully, in fact they might have dealt with the delay better than the moms!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Meeting Baby Collin

What a day! Most days we get up and piddle around and our "event" for the day doesn't happen until after our nap. Today we got up and headed for Sara's house; we had a date with Collin! B did really well with the baby. We walked to the park where Sara was the designated swing pusher while I got my baby fix. B wanted to go "up in the sky". We played for a while but it was the UDF Milkshake treat that got B into his stroller. We bought our treats and headed back to the Sara's house. B was attentive when Collin was fussing, but was definitely more interested in his toys....and sharing his! We hung for a while and then headed home. It was nice to spend time with Collin (and his mom too). It brought back memories of my guy being tiny and squishy. I've already forgotten how much work a baby can be, I guess that's God's plan...who would do that over and over if you remembered. Not to could you remember when the current age just keeps you running too! I really do love being a mom and it's great that more of my friends are joining the pack. Keep 'em comin' guys!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh the Pride we swallow!

It's taking all I have to blog about this, but I figure those of you who read and know me will eventually find out and those of you who don't know me need to know the reality. I've also learned that secrets don't really help my soul, and that we all have some type of financial worry (even Trump)
I had to swallow ALL my pride today and ask B's biological father for some financial support. Daycare, diapers, activities, and doing enough to foster a toddlers development is expensive. I know you find that statement shocking! I know there are people who make less than I do and can make it, but B shouldn't have to go without (within reason) just because his "father" chooses to ignore him and live it up in Australia. By the way he got a new puppy. I figure if you can afford to buy a new dog, live it up in another country, and sport the latest fashions you should be able to "spot your child a week or two (at least) of daycare". However I'm realistic so I'm approaching this with a "you can't get it if you don't ask" attitude. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts....I'm hoping I'm not opening Pandora's box!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Has Arrived!!! But School is Starting for B!

Summer has arrived! We've spent our first week getting paper work done, cleaning, running errands, visiting local family, and what not. During this first week I realized that I haven't had to spend 24 hours a day 7 days in a row by myself with my son....EVER!!! I also realized that he IS 2. I thought it was going to be impossible for "MY SWEET BABY" to become a "Terrible 2 year old". but it happened! He screams at Nana and Papa. One minute he's laying on the floor crying, the next he's saying "I'll hit you", and then he's climbing up the door frame (literally). We still have our sweet moments but there is definitely a large gap in between his cuteness! Yes I'm disciplining him, yes I'm talking to him about being polite and what's acceptable and what's not, but some days I have thought "OH MY GOODNESS MAKE HIM GO AWAY". That took guts to admit! So I've decided, for multiple reasons, but initially because of the above that he needed to go to school two days a week. He went to day for a happy visit. He spent an hour with his first teacher, Ms. (oh my goodness I've forgotten her name)....I'll have to find out next week!
B's first day was not as I had expected, I'm learning much of parenting can't be fact expect nothing because you'll never be right! B went in and didn't want to paint with the other kids he wanted to play alone. That's when I realized I was doing the right thing, he needs to be introduced to structure and "schooling" if you will. I'm hoping that the name forgotten teacher can also help this mommy with some potty training's not going so well!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

No I'm not a baby chick..I'm just trying to help all my "peoples" out. Have you looked into yet? B and I will be flying to NC this summer round trip for a total of 175 dollars. If you add in travel time to the airport and our final destination (with gas and all) we're spending around 350 dollars for both of us to "fly". When I checked out local flights all the tickets were at least 325 dollars a piece so I'm pumped about the savings. Check it out!!! See if you can come visit me!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mamma Mia'!!!

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Megan and Ben (in care of B) sent Mom and I to see Mamma Mia' at the Aranoff. The production was amazing. The energy, music, costumes, and story made for a fun night. Thanks to Aunt Meg and Uncle Ben for keeping B for our night out on the town!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Count Down Has Begun!

I know, I know, I know I shouldn't wish my life away and really I'm not. Who in their right mind wouldn't start counting down to our two week trip to NC this summer! After much debate, and honest conversations about my need for "alone time" and my grumpiness; the Gibbs have graciously invited us down for two weeks this summer. The kids will go to day camp for one of the weeks, maybe a short trip to the beach, porch time, good friends/food. Nancy asked if there was anything special I wanted to do or people I wanted to see. It became very apparent that I have good friends because the two most important people to see....Nancy and Emily! Maybe we'll relive our final spring break again.....Emily with shopping, me with a Tattoo, and some cleaning chore at Nancy's. Girls do you remember that fiasco? I still haven't figured out how Nancy worked in us painting her bedroom into a girl's fun week! Or how about a drinking night; like when we had all of those martini's at that fancy restaurant? Ooooo, good times! Looking forward to see you two and spending time together....a girls night out IS A REQUIREMENT!!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Our "Pigs" have flown!

What a weekend! Friday after work B and I headed downtown for the health and fitness expo to pick up unc's running packet. He was so well behaved; said please and thank you. The booths handed out so many freebies we went home with a bag full of "stuff".
Saturday morning we got up and headed back downtown with Nana in tow for the Piglet race. The amount of people and kids was amazing. Although the race wasn't as organized as this teacher would have liked, we did have fun. B "ran" and won a gold medal. He wore it proudly, between his two year old meltdowns! It was a good morning.
Unc arrived home that evening and we headed over to Megan's for the family Pasta Party. Unc seemed pumped and Aunt Meg was ready for her relay (Three Chicks & A Legend) too.
Sunday morning arrived quickly, the weather was perfect. Nana, B, and I headed out to see if we could catch a glimpse of Unc and Meg. Unc ran by at mile 12, looking healthy and spry. Note: I don't even look that good after driving 12 miles! He pointed at B, and B tried to run along side of him. Now that was a cute moment! Meg, finished her part of the relay and met up with us. We then loaded back up and headed downtown to the finish line. We saw Unc again. This time he looked tired but still moving strong, and told us "THIS SUCKS!"....but damn he finished! I'm impressed, inspired, and overall amazed at the sites I've seen this weekend.
This event showed me that all types of people run; thin, fat, young, old, able, disabled. I should have no excuses for not getting out and moving (IE. getting exercises) everyday. If all these people can I can too! Wanna join me....I need support?!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Why must we adults take the simplest things and make them ever so daunting? This week all the school children in Ohio took the Achievement Test. You say no big deal, however it is such a poor evaluating tool. Now, if you know me you know I'm not some super political person but the idea that this test is simply to please the all mighty politicians is clear! Take a step back with me!
When you were in 6th grade, what was your daily routine like? Do you remember your math teacher? How about your best friend? Remember those silly notes "Do you like me? Circle yes or no". Did you know what surface area was? How about volume? Shut, can you name the formulas today?
Now, lets compare your memories to the lives of some of my children. I have 2 in foster care, at least a dozen living in condemned houses, 40% of them receive free or reduced lunch (meaning their parents don't make an average income to support them), three of them don't even speak English as their first language, and seven have parents who don't even know English. These issues don't even begin to address emotional and physical issues. So to help them out we adults decide that providing them with two to four straight days of 2 1/2 hour testing is a great idea. The test covers everything they were to learn in this grade level, however the year isn't over. The test is written in such a way that not only requires them to know the content but to be able to apply, sort, and utilize various steps after choosing the proper procedure. Last year one of the math questions was as follows: (note this was not a multiple choice question)
Sara and Bob want to sell popcorn for a fundraiser.
Sara wants to sell small bags of popcorn.
Bob wants to use large bags of popcorn.
Sara will charge $1.00 for her small bag of popcorn. The small bag is 2 x 4 x 6.
The large bag of popcorn is 3x5x7. How much should Bob sell it for.
Some of you math whizzes might have figured this out right away. But my babies had to know that they needed to find the volume of each bag and then create a proportion to compare volumes to the cost in order to get the correct answer. Not only did we expect them to know what to do but then also do the calculations correctly. All this from kids who still to this day write notes about who loves who and if this boy likes this girl.
The test are required, and they do serve a purpose, so we'll keep giving them. Just remember the complexity when you begin to criticize schools for not being highly qualified. There are so many unmeasurable factors. We, both teachers and students, work hard, failing is not something we strive to do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sunshine from Strangers

The best thing happened to us tonight! B and I met Aunt Megan at a nearby Perkins. Nothing fancy, just another night out to dinner. We were chatting away, B sitting with my on one side of the booth and Meg on the other. An older man came in and sat down in the booth behind us. My son, the friendly talker, struck up a conversation with this stranger. I tried as best I could to keep B focused on his dinner but then the stranger started interacting with him and all was lost. The man announced that all of his grandchildren were grown and gone, as he began to "make a mouse" for B.
The mouse was a handkerchief contraption that had ears, nose, body and tail. It was adorable, he crossed his arms and made the mouse jump in the crook of his elbow. A couple of times the mouse jumped right out of his arms onto his booth. B was amazed and just kept asking "What's that?".
We all went about our business for a few minutes. B kept turning around and smiling at the man, but he was well behaved so I let him go. Listen, a well behaved two year old is much more acceptable than a screaming one! The man then began asking B what his name was and how old he was and so on. B did a great job holding a conversation. Finally the man said B "I like your name. I wish I had your smile! Do you have a piggy bank at home?" To which B answered "yeeeeeesssssssssssssssss". The man continued, "would your mom let you have a couple of dollars to put in that bank" as he looked at me. I replied "oh, no! Maybe a couple of pennies". To which the stranger took out his wallet and handed B a 5 dollar bill! He instructed B not to buy any junk, to which my hilarious son answered "ahhhh, man!". B then on his own said Thank you, and our evening went on.
I considered slipping the 5 back to him, but it seemed that giving money to B made this stranger happy. B slid the 5 into his pocket we came home and it is now in his piggy bank.
I know it is important to teach our children to stay away from strangers, but sometimes it's important to teach them to be kind and friendly too. The whole event made me happy and I hope that this stranger has joyous events placed into his life because he sure brought some into ours!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Whirl-Wind

Today was closing day! What a relief!! I took the day off to finish up work at the old house and get to the closing. We did much of the work on the weekend and God love my mom she came over on Monday and Tuesday as well.
We're all whipped. Brady, my sisters brother-n-law, a young strong recently retired from college football man helped us move this weekend and today. It's amazing to watch someone with such strength just pick up your life and place it into a POD, or run it up and down the stairs. Mom and I just kept looking at each other. Her eyes said and my repeated "Thank God for Brady".
The closing went well, all except the extra money I had to pay. Who knew that when your realtor said you would need a couple of hundred dollars for closing that she actually meant 15 hundred? I was a bit shocked, and refrained from any obscene meltdowns but really didn't appreciate that kind of news a day before needing that amount of money. Clearly, she thinks I'm rich!
The house was cleaned and shutting the door for the final time was odd. All day long I had flash backs of my first arrival into the house five years ago. I can still remember the smell of cat urine in the carpet as my mom and I began the tear-out process. I continued to smile at the wooden bike/cart that we found in the garage and made into a plant stand (not to mention mom painted it to match the living room). I vivid remember my dad calling me in North Carolina while on my vacation to let me know he finished painting the "brown" trim (ugh, it was a dark red...but the labor was free, so brown it is).
As with every ones' house, so much joy and sorrow filled the walls. Independence was fostered, crazy nights not to mention relationships, the Nancy slumber party with the infamous "popcorn ball", being pregnant, B's birth and first birthday. The neighbor babysitter turned crackhead, the crazy "gonna cut down your tree" man, and the nights of listening to "No One Messes with Billy!". I know I'll miss my space and independence until I find just the right house, but some things are better left behind. It was time and I feel good about my decision. Stay tuned for "living with my parents" stories!

Monday, April 9, 2007

When It Rains It Pours!

Yes I know I promised more pictures and stories about Guatemala, but since my return we've had a whirl-wind of activity. B went to Dayton to stay with my Aunt and Uncle and their family. We stayed here and moved all my belongings to my new place. The whole family worked so well together, my brother even came home to spare us a few hours of muscle strength.
*Note he's looking so thin and healthy, he couldn't help much on Sunday because he had his 20 mile run for his marathon training. I'm impressed....I don't even like to drive 20 miles.

We continued moving, my mom and sister and I did most of the lugging. We traveled to Dayton for our Easter celebration, picked up B, and returned to Cincinnati. Our first night in the new "pad" was good...we were so tired anything would have worked. Monday was punishment day. B woke up screaming and held on to that for the remainder of the day. He did develop a new trick....climbing out of his crib. Just what I needed in a new house. I was hoping to have at least a couple of weeks in the crib before tackling the "big boy bed"! Not so lucky!! I'm now typing this as he screams from the "big boy bed". Crap he even got treated to a new pair of big boy PJs....I'd sleep in a new bed for a new pair of PJs. They were even Curious George and in his world it doesn't get much better than that! The good news is he is now not getting out of the bed...after four trips. Now he's just wailing from the bed. Progress that's what I'm counting as a success. Here's to going back to work tomorrow and having him see his day care provider! Got to LOVE peaches!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ms. Elizabeth!!!

Well Ed and I returned from Guatemala yesterday evening. We spent several days out of the country and had Elizabeth for two days. She is a precious little girl and I hope that she is able to come home soon! Her family has waited long enough. She is now 13 months old and is a very serious and tactile baby. She felt any texture she could get her little hands on, including her papa's facial hair. You could just see her soaking up information as she watched every movement around her. I'm happy to say she loved the ducks that B sent, however I'm sad to say she was not as enamoured with me. Everytime Ed left the room or asked me to hold her Elizabeth began crying. Bless her heart, she'd smile and a sense of calm would come over her when Ed reappeared. He tried to make me feel better by telling me that she was just faking, but I know the truth! LOL Maybe I'm the lightest or blondest woman she's ever seen or maybe she just wasn't into strangers, but I was thrilled to see that she had such a strong bond with Ed. I look forward to seeing their bond grow and watching her grow up.

Note: An upcoming blog will have pics and information from Antigua Guatemala this one is just about Ms. Elizabeth.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Journal Entries For Elizabeth

Below are the entries I created in a journal for Elizabeth before, during, and after our trip to Guatemala. It's a brief snap shot of our trip, my feelings and observations of the experience, and information about the Guatemalan culture.

March 31
-The day began very hectic. I was busy packing my suitcase to come meet you, packing B's things so he could stay with his Nana, and anxiously awaiting Wayne and Ed to pick me up. Ed in his normal fashion (an activator) had me in a frenzy about what to expect in Guatemala City. he's shared that we won't be able to leave the hotel after you arrive because of safety issues. He's also told me that I'll have to pay the customs agent to be allowed back into the US. I'm nervous as I've never left the country before but so excited to meet you! You must be a sweet heart because your dad's eyes just light up when he says your name. I've seen many pictures of you! We've watched your first year of life in pictures. We, your fathers friends and I thought for sure you would be with us by now and the wait gets tough as each week goes by (especially for your dads). I've brought you some rubber ducks for bath time and a book to read together during the visit. When I thing about how short this visit is I realize how hard it will be to leave, especially for your Dad.

-I'm thinking I may leave the two of you together and venture out to see your birth country. I'll check into tours when we arrive. I'd like to learn something while I'm visiting so I can share with you as you get older.

-Our flight to you left from Cincinnati and we arrived in Miami! Your dad and I read smut magazines during the flight....the big question is who is the father of Anna Nicole's Baby and is Katie really leaving Tom Cruise? As I'm writing this we are waiting on the connecting flight for "two screws", which need to be placed in the plane for take-off. It's been over an hour and all the people on the flight are getting restless, including me. It's difficult to wait when we're so driven to come and see you.

April 1, 2007
-I didn't finish writing last night because we were exhausted! But I was floored as we left the airport at the immediate cultural differences. People were gathered (crammed) at the gate waiting to greet their loved ones. Cars, vans, and mini-buses were every where! Children and adults were randomly offering to assist is in the hoped of being tipped. Ed quietly warned me to stay with him. I didn't hear him and a young boy scooped up my suitcase and followed us to the shuttle bus. I assumed that he worked for the hotel. he didn't and your dad was a bit irritated with me! We stopped at McDonald's it was a bit different but felt a little like home or at least tasted it! We settled in at the Clarion Hotel, had a taste of Guatemala Rum and went to sleep.
-Now we've had our breakfast (tortillas with ham and cheese, chicken tacos, fabulous fruits and pastries). you should be arriving with in the next hour. your dad has bottles, diapers, wipes, and rash cream. me I brought ducks and the book. It's amazing that I've never met you but already you have a special place in my heart. I can't wait to see you!
-Notes from today's paper! Clearly I don't speak Spanish but I know you'll learn or at least I hope so!
Paper: Guatemala Siglo Veintiuno
Front page: Mario Gonzales "Los Salvavidas Somos heroes Anonimos
Other headlines: Vielmann Se Va, Llega De Torrebiarte
Afinan bienvenida para repatriados
-Your arrival:
Ami and another young lady (your nanny) brought you to the hotel for a visit. I could read in your eyes that you were worried they were going to leave you. Your lip began to quiver and tears rolled from your eyes. hard to swallow but at least we know these people are taking good care of you and that you are loved. your dad is talking with you now, baby talk.....his favorite thing to say to you at this moment is "Whatchya doin' little girl?" You're dazing in and out of crying but I imagine nap time will be coming soon. You stood on your own with a death grip on my shirt. I hope you are able to get comfortable in the next day so that we can see your one year old "tricks".
The day went by fast even though we weren't allowed to take you anywhere. We tried to have you take a nap because you were yawning, but you couldn't sleep. We went to the hotel restaurant for lunch and upon our return our room smelled like carpet glue. We went to the executive had fallen asleep in your dad's arms.
Every where we go people comment on how cute and precious you are. You're very slow to warm up to strangers, me included, but took to your dad immediately. In fact if I get to close, try to hold you, or even play with you the tears and crying begin. We're winding down for the night. you and your dad have played toss the ducks, toes to nose, and read a book. We both were tickled when you babbled "Da Da". It's hard for me to think about your dad having to leave you tomorrow evening. It's clear you two have bonded. You're going to make him the happiest man in the world! I'm glad that I've been able to be a part of this experience. I hope to watch your story unfold into a true fairy tale!

April 2, 2007
-You slept well through the night, at least that's what your Papa told me, I didn't hear a peep from you. After I got ready for the day I peeked into see you lounging with papa. you were a bit fussy but we think that you're teething. I'm waiting here in the lobby now for my day trip to Antigua. This will give the two of you some along time. I know you'll enjoy your time together even if you can't go anywhere. I've decided that your birth country is beautiful and the people are friendly. Everyone has been kind to your father and I. We've heard a lot about the history of your country. We've heard that their are 22 (at least) different civilizations in the Mayan Culture and that each one has it's own language. That's hare to fathom considering the country is smaller than the state of Texas!
-Fabio, my personal tour guide has brought me to Antigua, about an half hour drive from the city. I just spent way to much money in a Jade jewelry store. Let's just say I didn't really understand the exchange, but the jewels are worth it! (note I didn't really spend as much as I thought). I'm now sitting in the central park, surrounded by the world's largest Cathedral, government buildings, ice cream carts, tourist, people on mules. I'm amazed that everyone I meet knows so much about the countries history. We, my tour guide and I, walked through the town, several churches, and markets. I haven't seen any paintings for you yet, nor anything for B. I have seen many churches, monasteries, and hotels...Fabio says at least 23 monasteries are in Antigua. It seems like such a small place but it is packed not only with buildings and people but culture too. I'm now ordering lunch in a restaurant where Bill Clinton ate. La fonda de la Calle Real. I've ordered chicken, rice, and potatoes. I couldn't bring myself to try the local food. To many items I've never heard of. Someday you'll understand that I'm a chicken tender and pizza kinda girl.
These restaurants are filled with beautiful flowers, umbrellas (as it is an open court year), and ambiance. The kitchen is an open a bar. All the plates are stacked and there is one chef. It's quiet and cozy, children sneak in to try and sell various things to the patrons. It is explained to me that these children are poor and are trying to make money for their families. They were rushed off by the wait staff.
It is hold week, so I've seen many saw dust rugs which are used for the procession. I also saw the very large "box" which the men carry religious statues on. It was huge and looked very heavy. Fabio explained that the men volunteer to carry this thing all over the city as part of their repentants (or apology to God).
The food was good the chicken was roasted in garlic, the rice was cooked with carrots and onions, and the baby potatoes buds were also roasted. Overall very good food.
There's so much to take in. The smell, the noise, the sights. A camera and my words don't do it justice. The feeling is calm but the traffic flies by and is crammed into the tiny streets. There is no animosity, as is exhibited in the US. Various cultures are welcomed, the local culture is celebrated. It's hard to think that these people are living in a third world country, they're poor (as in wealth) but exhibit kindness in all they do.

April 3, 2007
We're preparing to leave for the airport. you left last night Fernando picked you up. He was a very nice man; friendly, handsome, and personable. you smiled when you saw him, no tears. He handed you to the nanny who was seated in the back, no car seats in Guatemala. You turned and smiled at your Papa as if to say "I'm fine and I'll see you soon, love you." We then went on a quick walk around the block for fresh air. We saw many beautiful buildings and stores. We could have bought something for you in each store. We dinned on Dominoes and prepared for bed. It's now 5:30 am and I'm in the lobby waiting for Ed. We'll head to the airport. I'm looking forward to getting home to see B, but it comes like an evil trick because leaving means you aren't with us yet. I suppose the positive would be the sooner we arrive home the sooner you'll arrive. I wish they would have been able to allow you to come home with us today. Ed believes it will be another six to eight weeks. I hope sooner.

Monday, March 19, 2007

From the mouth of babes!

Okay so this blog experience is suppose to be about me and B....but most of my loyal readers realize that I also have approx. 120 other babies as well. When you spend 180 days with children, hear about their family lives, stop their fights and bickering, give hugs, remind about homework, share celebrations, and wish they'd stop calling your've officially become a teacher. This brings me to today's blog!

Yes I think it's funny that B says "What happins?" when he falls in the mud. Yes it's a good laugh when he reminds me everyday "My penis" and proceeds to play hide and seek with himself, but really the stories below are true! These kids really do believe the information below.

My sixth graders were assigned a research report. They each selected a Country and were provided with an outline to fill out. The "regular" kids worked on four sections: geography, historical facts, people and culture, and government and education. Here are just a couple of "facts" that I've read prepared and worried, this kids although sweet will be taking care of us when we reach the nursing home.....I'm considering shooting myself before I allow that move! LOL

1. When asked under the people and culture section what races were in Egypt student E replied:
There's only one race in Egypt, but that was in 1996. I don't think there will
be anymore for about ten years.
E is referring to the Olympics. However he must have forgotten that the 1996 Olympics were in Atlanta!
Furthermore when asked about the famous leaders he stated:
Some famous leaders in Egypt are the Sun God and Upper and Lower Egypt.
Really the Sun God? What major decision has he made lately? Is he in the UN?

2. Under the section of historical facts I was told the following about Japan by student Sh:
In Japan they speak Spanish and the country was founded when two men
and a woman went to the space station.
Really the space station? How did that work? Spanish in Japan, now there's a thought!

3. Student M reports about the occupations of woman in Mexico
The occupation of woman in Mexico is to get pregnant and then take care of
When asked what the men do? She replied:
Ms. W the men don't do nuttin'!

4. Student Sy also completes a report on Mexico and shares with me:
In Mexico they've been bullfighting for millions of years!
I'm sad to tell you that we have learned about the Cavemen this year. Apparently either I didn't teach it well enough or she didn't learn. A million years! OMG

Needless to say I'm still laughing as I plug away at grading these papers. Most of them are smart kids who just didn't want to do the work or thought I just wouldn't want to read their paper. Others just aren't real smart yet. Either way the humor is great!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Breath In Breath Out

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks) where you find the need to remind yourself to breath? Me? This week would be one of them!

1. Seriously, I had no idea that selling a house could be so much of a roller coaster ride. They told me...but I shrugged it off. They were right! The house was under contract and in the last minute the buyer bailed. "Thanks, thanks a lot!" So my stomach got turned inside out because after reading the inspectors list I didn't even want to live in my own home. In comes good ole' dad, bringing me back to reality. Now I've worked on getting some things in order and I've got another offer. I'm holding my breath. The ride goes up and down. Pray for me. I'm not sure how much longer I can remain calm and mature in the face of neighborhood harassment!


2. Kids! I walked to the edge of the earth and nearly dived off in frustration today. One of my "babies" started the rumor that she slapped me and I cried. Really? Do any of you know me? So as the students started the buzz I just smiled and thought......clearly that student is still breathing so she obviously didn't hit me. Another "baby" threatened his mother on me....."she's gonna tell me how it is". Bring it on! I'm a good listener.


3. My crush....yes I had one...he got scared and has "disappeared". Damn, I tried to tip toe but still enjoy his company. I crossed the "she's a safe girl" line and now I know he's gone. Truly, I hate being alone, I just want to find that someone who will "like" me as much as I "like" them. Am I asking to much? Know any single men?


4. Eating! Why is it that when life hits the hills of a roller coaster I suddenly want to hold on to a......PIZZA? I've been doing so well at eating healthy, then the hills hit and I go on a full fledged pizza eating frenzy. Mmmmmmm thin crust, pan, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, mushroom...mmmmmm must I go one. So the pizza got me, but I will prevail! I must loose some weight by the time swim suit season arrives.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shout OUT

Hey my girl.....NANCY!!!! Here it is...your shout out! it like having your name in lights?....maybe better. So I've added two blogs...don't read them all at once you know it takes me a while to fill in the blanks!

HUGS!!!!!! Give AJ a big ole' hug for me and B!!!!

The Evil Circus People!

Okay so I cringed titling this blog, but really they're evil! They smile, but it's only because they are charming the dollars right out of your pocket. Thank heavens Aunt Megan brought tickets for us. We arrived early only to stand outside in line while this "thought he was funny" man announced over and over and over and over again and again and again that he had programs for sale and if I bought one now I would get a light up clown nose...which he so lovingly displayed! Not to mention his ploy that my son would certainly want this unforgettable program to have all the clowns sign it and that he will cherish it forever! I stood strong! B does not need a program even if he is starting to drool over that damn blinking clown nose!

We enter to the darkness to be greeted by a dazzling light show and greeters beckoning us to the center ring! We slid down the steps and entered the ring, mingled with the clowns (no he didn't ask for their signatures and didn't miss the program), saw the Elephants, trick dogs, unicyclist, and sat on a "horse". What an experience! We hiked back up to our seats, met up with Megan, Ben, and the twins. We HAD to buy something...I settled for popcorn. Little did I know that as soon as the lights dimmed and the circus begun the light up spinning unbelievable got to have it toys would begin pacing up and down the steps...just like beer at the ball games! Can you say crack for ADHD.....B nearly lost his mind in joy thinking he was going to talk me into that one, as if the gold popcorn for 7 dollars wasn't enough!

We'll go again next year...but I guarantee that I will be prepared with the NOT BUYING YOUR STUFF look.

Walk This Way.....Or May That Way!

New York! What a great visit. We landed and took a 50 dollar cab ride to Julie's work and then her house. I couldn't believe it! All the buildings, all the people, all the garbage piled on the sidewalk, all the was so exciting. Meg and I hauled our stuff up four flights of stairs to be greeted by Julie and Christopher's two dogs! Their apartment was cute...tiny, but cute and very livable. Do I need to tell you that I had spent days trying to figure out where and how I would go to the bathroom in such a small living arrangement? My worries were laid to rest when I realized I'd be just fine....Juls has as much of a stomach issue as I do!

Meg and I took off for our first day in the big city. We traveled the subway, rode the Staten Island fairy, saw Ground Zero, the Wall Street Bull. The people...not so friendly, no one smiles at you on the subway. In fact the subway "engineer" called out several times "If you're going to the Staten Island stop you need to be in front of the conductor" we all gazed back and forth to each other....."how the hell do you know where the conductor is?". She announced it about three more times before she began beating on the window motioning us all to move forward! Who knew she was in front of us!

We then met up with our NEW YORK friends and were told we look like tourist..but they'd be seen with us any how. Guess living in the big NY for about 4 months makes you the real deal. We ate crazy chicken tenders with ranch here. I had a dirty dog, some kind of stuffed "shellish" sandwich, some absolutely crazy Chinese food (i kept thinking where's the sweet and sour chicken) they only had chicken feet and tofu dessert (Julie called this ice cream.....not a chance in hell this girl believed that@!)

The next day included walking across the Brooklyn Bridge....yes the whole thing, and yes it was cold! We saw Circle Park, several famous churches, the library, Rockefeller Center, the Today Show set, M&M store, and I even held a real life Oscar! A fantastic trip.....we hung out at Caroline's Comedy club and saw Damon Wayne's perform...funny guy! How could I forget my favorite part...CHINA TOWN!!! Who knew purses could be more fun than I've already built them up to be? We were in dungeons, shady minivans, alley's, and back rooms! I left with a Fantastic (real) Chanel and 2 Gucci's. We bought scarfs and pashminas, and a tourist name plate for the B man!

Overall the trip was fantastic. I loved every minute! Even though I was warned you can't explain all the walking that is done in NY. You can't explain the amount of people. You can't explain the noise. you can't explain the speed. You can't explain riding in a cab.....holding your breath the whole way. YOU MUST EXPERIENCE IT!!!! Let me know...I'll go again!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So tomorrow is the day of love! Who created such nonsense? Shouldn't everyday be about telling those you love that you do? Seems like a day created around making money. Well thanks a lot! Now there's a day which comes every year when I realize that I don't have that "special someone" in my life. I mean for cryin' out loud....I know my family loves me, I know my son loves me, and I know which friends luv me. It seems heart wrenching to get geared up to see others swell in flowers, chocolates, and sparkly gifts. Then there's the fact that most men detest the pressure that V-day puts on them. Why should we bark and complain about buying/doing something for the ones we love? With all that said I still, year after year, give in to the marketing and buy cards and what nots for those I luv and appreciate. AND, I'm sure you can guess that I wouldn't turn away any showing of appreciation or love. But this single girl must ask....."Does the day feel better when Mr. Special is around?" Let me know if I'm just building this marketing madness up into something it will never be!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

So Much for New Years' Resolutions!

Well my friend Karri so gently reminded me that it IS 2007 and I've yet to make one measly post! It's not that lots hasn't happened, we've had three birthdays (one of which where B turned 2), a trip to the ER, and adventures in the snow. It's a wonder I haven't written something I suppose it's time for catch up!

January, started off well. It was warm and we quickly approached B's 2nd Birthday. Grand and Nana made B a homemade Elmo cake....he loved it! He was showered with gifts from the singing alphabet magnets to his first basketball hoop. This would be a good place to let you know that in our house every ball is a "football".....I think I have a short "Carson Palmer" in my future. The party was small but we loved it and he really seemed to catch on to the all American idea of "more presents" ....followed by please! We rounded off the January birthdays by celebrating Nana's birthday. Breakfast at Aunt Megan and Uncle Ben's house, play time at Otter ville, and dinner at the Boat House...does it get any better?

January also had me placing my house up for sale. It's day I just decided I'm ready. We're moving! The house has been on the market for a week or two, it is showing well....and the weather is bad so I'm not sweating yet. I'm looking forward to the buying part more than the selling, but one step at a time!

January I've been focusing on making new "mommy" friends. I found a great group online at I've gone to a couple of events and hope that the attendance will pick up so that I can make some connections outside of work and friends for B too. One of these events found us at an indoor play land where B took a topple and busted open his lip! I, being raised in the "suck it up" family, said oh your fine, mama's here. That was until he picked his head up and had blood pouring from his mouth and all over my shoulder. This nice man stopped by to let me know I should probably head the the ER. "ER?! Where's that? How will I get there?" He replied in your car and all my mind can think of is how will B sit in his car seat all alone while I drive and who's going to keep the blood from getting all over the place? We made it there fine and thankfully Aunt Megan met us at the hospital for a little support for MOM...B was fine at this point. He earned his first set of stitches at a whopping 8 and he was a real trooper. Even said please and thank you to the doctors....which was a site with his fat lip going on.

February had the family traveling to Columbus to surprise Unc for his birthday. Lindsay was a major player in the plans and even had us over for cake after lunch. Her apartment is great, cozy and decorated perfectly. I approve! We all had fun and it was great to see the two of them when we weren't rushing around for holiday stuff. Maybe we'll make a habit of visiting Columbus more often, or even meeting at the Outlet Malls. Lindsay? What do you think of that idea? Just holler!

So here we are to today! Megan and I will be heading to NYC next week. B gets his first real hair cut on Valentines Day. Other than that I've caught you up. So here's to trying to stay on top the interesting stuff! Karri I envy your faithfulness to blogging and I strive to be more like that everyday. Stay on me....I need all the support I can find!