Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Gang's Back Together

We headed out to Ed and Wayne's house for a long overdue get together. Ed always has an amazing feast ready to serve. We hung out while the kids played and took a couple of hikes through the woods with Wayne the tour guide. I'm sure he pointed out all the deer dropings and critter tracks....the kids (except B) were in heaven. B was in heaven giving wet willies to the adults and slobbering zerberts on the arms of all the beautiful moms. Thank God I have friends with a sense of humor or we'd be kicked out of this "gang" for sure! A couple of rounds of corn hole with several beers started the evening. The kids partook in glow in the dark balls and sparklers before attempting to settle into a movie or two. The the Poker began. Okay Mr. David DID win a with no money on the table. I'm not sure who took the dough for the second round but it was either Mr. Chad or Mr. Wayne. We woman didn't represent very well but there's always the next gathering.....cause we CAN play (but only with my cheat sheet)!
Guys we shouldn't let this much time pass between our visits!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Swimming with the Girls

Last summer we had weekly dates with Emily and Grace, but this summer with everyone's vacations our first visit didn't happen until July. Although the weather wasn't great the pool, the food, and most importantly the company was. We all got in the pool (except Mrs. Sherri....hummmmmmm how did that happen?). The girls went off the diving board and showed off their swimming a swimmer I was impressed! B played with his water squirter (as I'm avoiding the gun word......he's not but I am) and got into the water a bit. After swimming we headed to Mrs. Sherri's house. The kids played while we visited. Somehow we ended up taking home a trash bag full of Little People and three villages home. B was in heaven. we got home and he dumped all of his new toys onto the floor and found all the pieces that made "great" noises. You all know how I LOVE toys that make noise. Okay that was sarcastic but I DO LOVE the girls and Mrs. Sherri!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Ballon Glow

We're building stamina! B went to school today. Cried and cried when I left, but by the time I got to the main entrance to check out the camera in his classroom he was playing with his friends. Got to LUV the guilt trip. After school we headed out to have dinner and a date with Joelle, Belle, and Josh. Applebee's for dinner and then down to Coney Island for the balloon glow and fireworks. It was a great evening, the weather wasn't too hot, the crowd was there but the line for the ice cream wasn't long, the balloon's held us over until the fireworks "boomed".
Speaking of ice cream, a hint to all you mom's who still have kids in a stroller: when handing your child ice cream and leaving them in the stroller remember that people passing by smiling at your child usually are not doing so because they think he's cute. It's more because your kid has ice cream from head to toe......LITERALLY! What a mess, but wasn't B excited to walk around without a shirt...."showin' his muscles".
As the sun set the tethered hot air balloons began to all light their fire together. It was a beautiful sight! B is still talking about the "air bawoons". The fireworks were a great end to the evening. The Rozzi (I think I spelled it right) family always does Cincinnati well. The fireworks were big and colorful. It was as if they were dancing through the sky; pictures just didn't do them justice.
Okay just so you don't think my life is all roses; we did wait in line for a full 55 minutes to get out of the parking lot, 20 of which was in the same exact spot...but who has road rage?. The good news is the kids behaved beautifully, in fact they might have dealt with the delay better than the moms!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Meeting Baby Collin

What a day! Most days we get up and piddle around and our "event" for the day doesn't happen until after our nap. Today we got up and headed for Sara's house; we had a date with Collin! B did really well with the baby. We walked to the park where Sara was the designated swing pusher while I got my baby fix. B wanted to go "up in the sky". We played for a while but it was the UDF Milkshake treat that got B into his stroller. We bought our treats and headed back to the Sara's house. B was attentive when Collin was fussing, but was definitely more interested in his toys....and sharing his! We hung for a while and then headed home. It was nice to spend time with Collin (and his mom too). It brought back memories of my guy being tiny and squishy. I've already forgotten how much work a baby can be, I guess that's God's plan...who would do that over and over if you remembered. Not to could you remember when the current age just keeps you running too! I really do love being a mom and it's great that more of my friends are joining the pack. Keep 'em comin' guys!