Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Called!

Many of my post have shared how much talking B does. Well tonight was the most quiet, even during sleeping that I've heard him be! Santa called! From the North Pole non-the-less! The caller ID said North Pole. The man's voice was nothing but genuine. He even knew B's name! What a treat.

B stood in one spot, swaying back and forth and grinning from ear to ear! He continuously smiled at me while nodding his head at every word he heard. B reports that Santa said that he will come when we are sleeping, that the elves are working hard, and that he's gonna bring B "cool stuff". Well isn't that dandy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Absolutly Love This!

Typically I don't have a problem talking about things (writing in this forum), however I can't find the correct words to describe how much I love watching the joy, spirit, and positive excitement of my son this season. So please excuse the random ramblings of this entry!
Every little corner, day or night, brings an exciting new something to talk about. The lights, the mystery, the family. He's running of room to room asking about every little ornament, candle, and decoration. He talks to anyone about Santa, Jesus, and parties.
This evening we had some time at home alone. I needed to spend some moments cleaning for our Family Christmas Party tomorrow morning. I wanted to clean the floors and set the table. He was so ginger when walking across the floor, even after it dried. He ran around the circle table setting the plates and silverware in their proper place. (NOTE: I'm not implying that he's a genius; I was telling him...but still he WANTED to help)! He's saying cute things like "mommy if we go to sleep Santa will come" and "can you sing that "Chwistmas" song again?". He's tickled pink with the gifts people give him, even the smallest thing. I love him for all of this! I love being his mom! I'm feeling very blessed, very happy, very calm, and pleased that 2008 has brought me to these moments and feelings!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the Season

Well it's here! The pressure cooker of excitement! The anticipation of seeing Santa on every corner. The love of lights, chocolates, and mysterious gifts that randomly appear!

We've begun a couple of weeks ago looking for the all the Holiday events. We've enjoyed spending time with family and friends. The Festival of Lights at the Zoo was great; especially through the eyes of an almost 4 year old. You would have thought we'd never rode the train before. His eyes wouldn't' blink when he spoke with the Talking Christmas White Tigers. The 4-D movie of Polar Express was way on the top of the excitement factor. We've seen trains, trees, ice skating rinks.

I'm enjoying the excitement; at least when it doesn't involve the typical child meltdown. I'm looking forward to the fun games to come. Like the Gibbs in NC! They have a contest in the car each year where they see who can find the most flame head decorations (you know the candle sticks with big flames that people decorate their yard with). I tried to wiggle my way into this game by calling out all the candy canes; but it's not the same when you're not in the car with people who want/are playing with you! B doesn't know it but this game is in our future and I'M GOING TO BE THE WINNER! :0

May your holiday events bring smiles to your face and warmth to your heart!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Forced Family Fun

Well we did it; our "Forced Family Fun" trip was a success. Granny took my Aunt Di, cousin Le, my Mom, Megan, and myself to Grand Ole' Opry! We stayed in the Cascades. The holiday decorations were absolutely gorgeous. I could have stayed and enjoyed them for at least two more nights. We saw the Rockettes and went to the ICE exhibit. ICE was unbelievable from an artistic point of view. The entire story of "The Grinch" was told completely in ice sculptures. There was even a 20 foot slide made out of ice. We all went down...even 88 year old Granny. The best part was just laughing and having fun. We took a "million" pictures of Granny (who hates the camera) for our gag gift exchange at Christmas. It was hilarious when she caught on to what were were doing; but you could tell she loved the attention.

B stayed home with Grandpa and Unc Kelen. I'm sure he had enough McD's to last him at least a month. Lord knows he didn't ask to eat there tonight. He is however punishing me for my absence! He's laying on the floor when told it's time to go, he's announcing that he is going to throw-up every four minutes, he's developed a skill of sticking his tongue out at me in irritation or disdain (my backhand is getting better as well). I finally broke down and sang "Santa Clause is Comin' To Town"...do you think that might help. I've taken away toys, banned TV, I just keep grasping at straws to find something...anything...that will convince him to be well behaved. I know he's only 3 but in my profession you see how quickly things can turn!
Keep us in your prayers....only one of us may make it through December!

*Side note: He said to me today....."Mom stop singing. I just can't take it any longer!" REALLY?!!! Where did he get that!!!!!!????????