Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air!

What a beautiful weekend! The temperature rose to the mid seventies, the sun peeked out between the grey clouds every once in a while, and the breeze lets us believe that the spring was blowing in! How nice it was to get outside with B for some outdoor play. We spent several hours at the Zoo. He's actually starting to notice the animals instead of purely running to the train and toy shop. His most favorite part is using the map, directing me to all the different animals, as I silently breath a sigh of relief that he will have some sense of direction! We also spent several hours on "big wheel road trips" while mommy followed on foot. It was my yet another realization of how big he is getting! He can actually pedal, direct the big wheel, and go down hills as compared to last spring...him sitting and whining while I walked ahead wishing he could keep up! Now I find myself wishing he'd slow down so I could make sure he doesn't dart into the city street. My how things have changed. What's to come? :)

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