Monday, March 16, 2009

Judy and Fred

Well it's been a long winter in our household for the dogs. They were certainly affected by the severe cold we experienced in the Ohio area. In order to be good conscious owners both my mom and I decided to allow their fur to grow in the hopes that it would be enough warmth (no crazy sweaters for our pups)!

Now that we are approaching spring and the fur has started floating across the wood floors a hair cut was needed for both of our four legged guys. So Jack and Fritz were off to the groomer. They returned with SUPER short cuts. Apparently, Jack in particular, had a bunch of matting.

Brogen entered the house, paused, and took a double take. He turned to Nana with a perplexed look. Her immediate response was "Jack and Fritz left us, I went and got Judy and Fred". We are still questioning if B knows that this name change is a joke, but he is very insistent on calling the four legged friends Judy and Fred! It's hilarious! He is adamant telling anyone who walks through the front door and greats the dogs with "Hey Jack" or "Hey Fritz" that those are new dogs with new names!

Duh!!!!! Can't you tell they look different!
And we adults stand by wondering if the he is playing along with the joke or really believes us!

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Nanners said...

You are mean--why toy with that boy's mind??? hee,hee,hee
did you get a package today?????