Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So tomorrow is the day of love! Who created such nonsense? Shouldn't everyday be about telling those you love that you do? Seems like a day created around making money. Well thanks a lot! Now there's a day which comes every year when I realize that I don't have that "special someone" in my life. I mean for cryin' out loud....I know my family loves me, I know my son loves me, and I know which friends luv me. It seems heart wrenching to get geared up to see others swell in flowers, chocolates, and sparkly gifts. Then there's the fact that most men detest the pressure that V-day puts on them. Why should we bark and complain about buying/doing something for the ones we love? With all that said I still, year after year, give in to the marketing and buy cards and what nots for those I luv and appreciate. AND, I'm sure you can guess that I wouldn't turn away any showing of appreciation or love. But this single girl must ask....."Does the day feel better when Mr. Special is around?" Let me know if I'm just building this marketing madness up into something it will never be!

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Jack-on-the-Lake said...

Yeah, if you makes you feel any better we did NOTHING yesterday but pack, laundry and bathe kids. Sounds like fun right???

I did get a card but our special times come on totally non-holiday moments anyway.