Sunday, March 11, 2007

Walk This Way.....Or May That Way!

New York! What a great visit. We landed and took a 50 dollar cab ride to Julie's work and then her house. I couldn't believe it! All the buildings, all the people, all the garbage piled on the sidewalk, all the was so exciting. Meg and I hauled our stuff up four flights of stairs to be greeted by Julie and Christopher's two dogs! Their apartment was cute...tiny, but cute and very livable. Do I need to tell you that I had spent days trying to figure out where and how I would go to the bathroom in such a small living arrangement? My worries were laid to rest when I realized I'd be just fine....Juls has as much of a stomach issue as I do!

Meg and I took off for our first day in the big city. We traveled the subway, rode the Staten Island fairy, saw Ground Zero, the Wall Street Bull. The people...not so friendly, no one smiles at you on the subway. In fact the subway "engineer" called out several times "If you're going to the Staten Island stop you need to be in front of the conductor" we all gazed back and forth to each other....."how the hell do you know where the conductor is?". She announced it about three more times before she began beating on the window motioning us all to move forward! Who knew she was in front of us!

We then met up with our NEW YORK friends and were told we look like tourist..but they'd be seen with us any how. Guess living in the big NY for about 4 months makes you the real deal. We ate crazy chicken tenders with ranch here. I had a dirty dog, some kind of stuffed "shellish" sandwich, some absolutely crazy Chinese food (i kept thinking where's the sweet and sour chicken) they only had chicken feet and tofu dessert (Julie called this ice cream.....not a chance in hell this girl believed that@!)

The next day included walking across the Brooklyn Bridge....yes the whole thing, and yes it was cold! We saw Circle Park, several famous churches, the library, Rockefeller Center, the Today Show set, M&M store, and I even held a real life Oscar! A fantastic trip.....we hung out at Caroline's Comedy club and saw Damon Wayne's perform...funny guy! How could I forget my favorite part...CHINA TOWN!!! Who knew purses could be more fun than I've already built them up to be? We were in dungeons, shady minivans, alley's, and back rooms! I left with a Fantastic (real) Chanel and 2 Gucci's. We bought scarfs and pashminas, and a tourist name plate for the B man!

Overall the trip was fantastic. I loved every minute! Even though I was warned you can't explain all the walking that is done in NY. You can't explain the amount of people. You can't explain the noise. you can't explain the speed. You can't explain riding in a cab.....holding your breath the whole way. YOU MUST EXPERIENCE IT!!!! Let me know...I'll go again!

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Jack-on-the-Lake said...

I LOVE NYC too! Glad you had a great time and you got to do a lot while there!