Thursday, February 8, 2007

So Much for New Years' Resolutions!

Well my friend Karri so gently reminded me that it IS 2007 and I've yet to make one measly post! It's not that lots hasn't happened, we've had three birthdays (one of which where B turned 2), a trip to the ER, and adventures in the snow. It's a wonder I haven't written something I suppose it's time for catch up!

January, started off well. It was warm and we quickly approached B's 2nd Birthday. Grand and Nana made B a homemade Elmo cake....he loved it! He was showered with gifts from the singing alphabet magnets to his first basketball hoop. This would be a good place to let you know that in our house every ball is a "football".....I think I have a short "Carson Palmer" in my future. The party was small but we loved it and he really seemed to catch on to the all American idea of "more presents" ....followed by please! We rounded off the January birthdays by celebrating Nana's birthday. Breakfast at Aunt Megan and Uncle Ben's house, play time at Otter ville, and dinner at the Boat House...does it get any better?

January also had me placing my house up for sale. It's day I just decided I'm ready. We're moving! The house has been on the market for a week or two, it is showing well....and the weather is bad so I'm not sweating yet. I'm looking forward to the buying part more than the selling, but one step at a time!

January I've been focusing on making new "mommy" friends. I found a great group online at I've gone to a couple of events and hope that the attendance will pick up so that I can make some connections outside of work and friends for B too. One of these events found us at an indoor play land where B took a topple and busted open his lip! I, being raised in the "suck it up" family, said oh your fine, mama's here. That was until he picked his head up and had blood pouring from his mouth and all over my shoulder. This nice man stopped by to let me know I should probably head the the ER. "ER?! Where's that? How will I get there?" He replied in your car and all my mind can think of is how will B sit in his car seat all alone while I drive and who's going to keep the blood from getting all over the place? We made it there fine and thankfully Aunt Megan met us at the hospital for a little support for MOM...B was fine at this point. He earned his first set of stitches at a whopping 8 and he was a real trooper. Even said please and thank you to the doctors....which was a site with his fat lip going on.

February had the family traveling to Columbus to surprise Unc for his birthday. Lindsay was a major player in the plans and even had us over for cake after lunch. Her apartment is great, cozy and decorated perfectly. I approve! We all had fun and it was great to see the two of them when we weren't rushing around for holiday stuff. Maybe we'll make a habit of visiting Columbus more often, or even meeting at the Outlet Malls. Lindsay? What do you think of that idea? Just holler!

So here we are to today! Megan and I will be heading to NYC next week. B gets his first real hair cut on Valentines Day. Other than that I've caught you up. So here's to trying to stay on top the interesting stuff! Karri I envy your faithfulness to blogging and I strive to be more like that everyday. Stay on me....I need all the support I can find!


seancarter said...

Well this is February and in less than a week's time it'll be Valentines day...and entire day dedicated to the celebration of to share all the love just drop by my blog on Valentines Day and spread the love all around!!

Karri said...

Yahoo - Happy birthday Mr. B! Sorry that L's mom is so slack in sending you a card. Pretty pathetic, I know. We'll make up for it in April when we get together to play.

That would have been so stressful at the ER! Poor guy - sounds like you handled it great. Have fun in NYC - have a drink for me :)

Karri and L