Saturday, December 30, 2006

North Carolina: Our Second Home

North Carolina: Our Second Home
Seriously if I could stand to be away from my family I would head back down to NC. I'm still amazed at how it's possible to meet people and become so close that you're willing to call them family, not to mention ride the roller coaster of the lives of each family member.
We arrived early on Wednesday after Christmas, after the fore mentioned flight. B and I were greeted by Nancy and quickly (minus the tidbit of a detour) were escorted to the house to see AJ and Otis. Their new house is amazing...they deserve every inch of it and boy the kitchen surpasses all the previous plans for the 4 Oaks house!
AJ and B quickly hit it off as if they had never been apart. The two of them played along side of each other, like most two year old's do, and left a large trail of toys and small destruction no matter where they went. We went to a couple of parks, were the kids burned off energy for their naps so their mom's could enjoy a little "friendship tea" and "20Q" on the back to that wonderful fire! A vacation it was!!
B and I also got to spend time with Nancy's mom, she's such a hoot and always makes me giggle. And as usual my dear friend Nancy has been out making new friends, so we spent one child free evening at the "Gaybors" house (that is her gay neighbor's) house. Side note: This is a term of endearment and Nick and Jon are aware of their precious fact they wear it proudly and return the joy through great toys and attention to AJ. By the way I think I won that round of Texas Hold um.....just for the record! We also made a special stop to the front of the neighborhood to see my previous principal. It was nice to see him and his presence opened up some serious reminising on the part of Nancy and I. What was that custodians name? You know the one with the glasses? Sorry I digress.
Much to the children's delight we went to the "Meadow Lights" where we rode a "train" around to see all the lights. Followed by a fantastic merry-go-round of which caused a meltdown at the horses might say that my child started acting like a horses end, but that might be cruel!
Seriously the kids were great, the company was better, the hospitality and "living" arrangements were past the par of a true southern bell, and how could I conclude this post without mentioning the "Friendship Tea", Choclate Eclair, Ranch Crackers, and Reedy Creek!


nancy said...

Jemel and B were our best Christmas present this year! What a fun filled couple of days. AJ still asks, "Where is B?" I am glad that Jemel did not mention the obscene number of toys that our girl has--I still think that the Go, Diego rescue pack would've been a great addition to B's toybox! Jemel wouldn't let me send it home because it was too noisy--whatever!

Jack-on-the-Lake said...

I miss NC too! Wanna run away with me?? :)

Jack-on-the-Lake said...

By the is 2007 now. You may want to mark your calendar and post something NEW!!!!!!!!!!