Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Whirl-Wind

Today was closing day! What a relief!! I took the day off to finish up work at the old house and get to the closing. We did much of the work on the weekend and God love my mom she came over on Monday and Tuesday as well.
We're all whipped. Brady, my sisters brother-n-law, a young strong recently retired from college football man helped us move this weekend and today. It's amazing to watch someone with such strength just pick up your life and place it into a POD, or run it up and down the stairs. Mom and I just kept looking at each other. Her eyes said and my repeated "Thank God for Brady".
The closing went well, all except the extra money I had to pay. Who knew that when your realtor said you would need a couple of hundred dollars for closing that she actually meant 15 hundred? I was a bit shocked, and refrained from any obscene meltdowns but really didn't appreciate that kind of news a day before needing that amount of money. Clearly, she thinks I'm rich!
The house was cleaned and shutting the door for the final time was odd. All day long I had flash backs of my first arrival into the house five years ago. I can still remember the smell of cat urine in the carpet as my mom and I began the tear-out process. I continued to smile at the wooden bike/cart that we found in the garage and made into a plant stand (not to mention mom painted it to match the living room). I vivid remember my dad calling me in North Carolina while on my vacation to let me know he finished painting the "brown" trim (ugh, it was a dark red...but the labor was free, so brown it is).
As with every ones' house, so much joy and sorrow filled the walls. Independence was fostered, crazy nights not to mention relationships, the Nancy slumber party with the infamous "popcorn ball", being pregnant, B's birth and first birthday. The neighbor babysitter turned crackhead, the crazy "gonna cut down your tree" man, and the nights of listening to "No One Messes with Billy!". I know I'll miss my space and independence until I find just the right house, but some things are better left behind. It was time and I feel good about my decision. Stay tuned for "living with my parents" stories!

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nancy said...

Oh my Gosh--the drunken popcorn ball party!! How many months were you cleaning that up???