Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Gang's Back Together

We headed out to Ed and Wayne's house for a long overdue get together. Ed always has an amazing feast ready to serve. We hung out while the kids played and took a couple of hikes through the woods with Wayne the tour guide. I'm sure he pointed out all the deer dropings and critter tracks....the kids (except B) were in heaven. B was in heaven giving wet willies to the adults and slobbering zerberts on the arms of all the beautiful moms. Thank God I have friends with a sense of humor or we'd be kicked out of this "gang" for sure! A couple of rounds of corn hole with several beers started the evening. The kids partook in glow in the dark balls and sparklers before attempting to settle into a movie or two. The the Poker began. Okay Mr. David DID win a with no money on the table. I'm not sure who took the dough for the second round but it was either Mr. Chad or Mr. Wayne. We woman didn't represent very well but there's always the next gathering.....cause we CAN play (but only with my cheat sheet)!
Guys we shouldn't let this much time pass between our visits!

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Jack-on-the-Lake said...

Sounds like fun! What gang is this? The NC gang?