Thursday, July 5, 2007

Swimming with the Girls

Last summer we had weekly dates with Emily and Grace, but this summer with everyone's vacations our first visit didn't happen until July. Although the weather wasn't great the pool, the food, and most importantly the company was. We all got in the pool (except Mrs. Sherri....hummmmmmm how did that happen?). The girls went off the diving board and showed off their swimming a swimmer I was impressed! B played with his water squirter (as I'm avoiding the gun word......he's not but I am) and got into the water a bit. After swimming we headed to Mrs. Sherri's house. The kids played while we visited. Somehow we ended up taking home a trash bag full of Little People and three villages home. B was in heaven. we got home and he dumped all of his new toys onto the floor and found all the pieces that made "great" noises. You all know how I LOVE toys that make noise. Okay that was sarcastic but I DO LOVE the girls and Mrs. Sherri!

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