Sunday, March 30, 2008

Been A Long Time....Shall we try again?

With life bringing so many changes and so much time going by I have no idea where to start so I'll start with today. It's been quiet in our small and crowded house. We still are living with my parents, since the sale of our home last year. Yes, it is crowded but right now the benefits out weigh the negatives so we're happy. B has a male role model in the house and Papa does a great job with him. Nana clearly loves B's energy and is a saint when it comes to taking care of the daily rig-a-ma-ra (laundry and what not)......not to mention bringing this mama back to sanity every now and again!

I've been brought back to this blogging concept by a good friend, Karri. She and her family stopped into Cinti. to visit. They took pictures of B, for another collage.....she and Keith (her husband - who is super artistic) started a business doing fantastic children's photo collages. (Karri send the a web site and I'll post it)! I love reading Karri's blog, her words flow so well, she can express her humor, frustration, and excitement through the text. I guess I've always felt I was better at expressing myself through my facial blogging does not come easy! And now that I think about it......Karri you may be my only reader, so me posting a web page for you may not do you much good!

This spring has brought about some changes, as each season should. I'm working on the dating scene. Went out with a doctor last enthusiasm clearly scared him. This week I'll be meeting a pilot for dinner. My spring goal is to approach the dating world less like a battle and more like a positive adventure. So I've gathered all my "self-help" books....clearly they may not really work because there are a zillion to choose from and that particular industry never seems to stall. I've read such books as "Why Hasn't He Called" and "What Men Really Want". I can say that both of these books were straight shooters, they included all the niddy-griddy when it came to a man's thinking. Tonight my worry, or hardship, is that everything I've read reminds me that men are visual beings. I'm not feeling like the worlds most beautiful (doesn't help that I've been home watching ANTM). I am finally at a point in my life where I can list my positive qualities without feeling like I'm bragging. I can even point out my favorite physically characteristics without hesitation. But I recognize that I'm not the physical fantasy woman that men are drawn then do woman like me meet the right man? Time will tell and I will continue to stick with it. I'll keep you posted...on the blog of coarse since I'm going to give it a whirl....AGAIN!

Question: All the books say the first date should include small talk. Well when is it okay for me to talk about my son? I don't want to be the annoying parent who has nothing else to talk about but clearly he's a HUGE and IMPORTANT part of who I am!

April begins this week and it will be a rocky start for us. Nana is gone this week! She'll be in Vegas with Megan. It'll be me and the boys in the house for the week. I say it will be rocky, because as my mother has pointed out the day to day routines for running a house are not my favorite part of being domesticated. Then B has surgery on the 8th. We're heading in for ear tubes, and will also get his adenoids and tonsils taken out. We're preparing with books and short conversations about it. He response "cool man" to riding the bed with wheels and breathing in air from the mask. Hopefully he'll still think it's cool when it's happening in the hospital!

Heading back to work, from a lovely spring break, tomorrow... so I'm heading to bed now!

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Jack-on-the-Lake said...

You're so funny! I, for one, think you are a GREAT writer. Only do this if it is a great outlet for you and fits into your life. HOPEFULLY you are not doing it for me :)

But I love to peek in on your life in Cincy and feel connected. We love your little family and are so glad to have seen you.

Love from the Cheeseheads!