Friday, July 25, 2008


Well today was the lunch date with Joe. It was comfortable talking with him. We only had about 45 minutes because he had to head back to work. We slowly hit on several topics, biking, half-marathon training, the whole It's Just Lunch (IJL) dating world, kids, jobs, weekend plans, and asking for phone number controversies. This is the first date with this "program" that my date hasn't paid. I was surprised but not annoyed, I mean I've always expected to pay just haven't had to. He seems to be a "rule follower" and that IS how the rules of IJL are presented. We left the restaurant and headed to our cars and he asked for my number. I let him know that I would really enjoy hearing from him....which was the truth. I didn't ask for his number, thinking the ball should be in his court. I'm hoping he calls. He's different than the men I've previously been attracted to. He's average, normal, calm, nice...but for some reason I was a bit drawn to him. We'll see! I am getting better at approaching me and feeling like I deserve to have their attention and respect...but I haven't gotten any better at understanding/knowing what they're thinking!!!! The adventure continues.

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Nanners said...

Honey, you are NEVER going to understand what they're thinking--that's what makes them boys and us girls!
and---don't forget that players make terrible husbands! : )