Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where does time go?

Well in April I committed to walking the USAF 1/2 marathon. I'm happy (and proud) to say my training is still going well and I'm feeling very strong in my commitment! Instead of using this event just as a personal success I'm trying to include my son by telling him "Mom has to talk her walk so she can be more healthy". He seems to be more accepting of my morning departures and the talk of health has entered our vocabulary more often. I so do not want B to have to deal with the life-long struggle of a weight issue like I've had to. His eating leaves a lot to be desired so my concern grows, exercise will be a must for us!
Summer has brought about rest and recuperation, a much needed break from this past school year. B and I have spent a great deal of time swimming at the Y, going to Kings Island, visiting the Zoo, and taking a big two week trip to NC. It's been fun spending time with him, but I have gained a great deal of admiration for stay at home moms. I love my son, but my time at work is needed for us to have a calmer relationship. He needs for me to be away so I can have more patience for him.
Our vacation to NC was big fun. We spent our time at the Gibbs house, visiting with their family (including Gramma Sherri, a very special matriarch). It was fun to watch AJ and B bond. They even began acting just like siblings. You know fighting and bickering, but then protecting each other when one was in trouble or being aggravated by another person. B even told one of the Lifeguards that AJ was with girlfriend, mind you this was not even a half an hour after they had been driving Nancy and I crazy with fighting in the car.
The kids went to camp (church) each morning while the moms visited "The Diner" for breakfast. We then went shopping, I am afraid to say that I did more than my part in keeping the NC economy going. Coach, Polo, Crocks, Kamelon, Yard flags, Sweet Paws, Build-A-Bear, and I can't forget the JCPenny photography department! could I neglect the sneaky NC smigs!?
This trip also allowed me to spend some time with my friend Emily. This trip was different from the last one. Emily, Nancy, and I were able to hang out and it really did feel just like old times. Those two woman were amazing friends then and I'm so glad that we can always just pick up where we left off....even when I've sucked at stay in touch. Good times, good people, good friends....more than I could ever ask for!
So many special events that I'll have to make a separate post about the cookout, the comedy club, the swimming days, Cold-Stone, and the Treasure Hunt. Keep your eyes peeled I'm off to continue the huge job of unpacking!!!

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