Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Ramblings!

1. Nick and John did this great Treasure Hunt for the kids in NC. Nancy called and asked John to put out a couple of pennies for the kids to find on our evening walk. To make a long story short, and save any embarrassment on "Martha's" part, the walk got cancelled...well all most. We drug the kids out at nearly 10 for a wagon pulled walk. They used their flashlights and were told that the Pirates in the neighborhood had dropped some things. Well these pirates lived the high life. Our little ones found two piles of silver coins each and a goodie bag that included popcorn, High-end chocolate, and an apple! I knew it was a success when they both started shouting "thank you" to the pirates from the street! A great night and a cute group of kids and pirates to boot!

2. Last night was my return to Party in the Park. I had done some serious mental preparing...knowing he (EW) would be there! For those of you behind, EW is a friend that turned into more and lets just say between complications, surprises, and his love for self my heart was broken. So in preparation to have him remain on my team this year I've done a bit of detachment and emotional rebuilding. This was our first time talking and/or seeing each other since the last day of school and our last fight. It was awkward, but I prevailed, spoke and was friendly. I am so proud of giving in and asking to have a "talk" with him, no demanding an apology. Maybe I've come to accept that he is who he is and HE isn't right for me. It was draining, I had to keep serious tabs on my thoughts and self talk, but I made it and I'm confident I'll continue to make it as well.

3. Marlon, AKA "my boyfriend who doesn't know he's my boyfriend" also earned a shady tag. Here's the question to the masses: How do you make it clear that you expect more than a booty call and are not interested in holding that title? Seriously, I haven't presented myself as a booty call, but I'm starting to get the impression that's what he's interested in. Some say you have to verbally set them straight. Others say you should just "scratch them off the list". What do you think?

4. Lunch date tomorrow. I'll be meeting Joe. He's said to be 37, 5'10'', has two children, is a project manager, likes to lift weights at the gym, enjoys the theater, street festivals, hiking, traveling, just about anything. He's also reported to be funny and caring. I'll let you know how this one turns out!

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Nanners said...

My two cents worth:
how about staying away from men that you work with or interact with at the workplace??? 'Cause when it goes wrong, you can't even escape to your job to get your mind off of any drama!