Saturday, October 18, 2008

Assistant Principal? YES, THAT'S ME!

What a whirlwind of a week. Friday the 9th I was offered an Assistant Principal position and accepted. Monday I was informed that it would be my last week in the Middle School. Not a lot of time to pack and adjust, but now that it has passed I'm glad the goodbye's didn't stretch out longer!
I packed on Monday and Tuesday then my fantastic siblings came and picked up the boxes while I participated in parent conference meetings. We informed the students about my departure on Tuesday afternoon. It was difficult and was my first session of crying. There were students crying and others just worried what the new team name would be (as the team leader our team has been called Team Weathers for three years now).
Wednesday was my first experience at Evendale Elementary. They weren't prepared for me so I received no office, no welcome, just hellos, and odd looks. I get the feeling this is a very tight group that will have to learn to trust me before they share anything or welcome me. I'll keep you up to date with this process. I'll be at Evendale Monday and Wednesday each week. One item I helped with was the "ghetto dictionary" as no one in the building knew what "twerk" or "get your booty on" meant. My experience at the Middle School made me prepared for those terms...maybe they'll need me after all! :)
Thursday had me traveling to Sharonville Elementary for my first introduction to their staff. It happened to be Bosses Day and they actually gave ME a gift. I moved my things into my office and was on my feet. We toured the building and I was introduced to each classroom. I was the district representative in an IEP meeting, assisted with Lunch Duty, was assigned a committee to run, given Data jobs, and ran all day. One of the preschool classes invited me to read to them this month and another came and gave me a piece of apple pie! A great treat since lunch was non-existent! My introduction was fast and furious, but the day went quick...being a girl who likes to eat I'm just gonna have to figure out where lunch plays into the day.
Friday was the most difficult day of all. My group of girls hosted a farewell breakfast. It was another crying event when they presented me with a gift and a speech about how proud of me they were. Let's just say their gift was very generous and my wardrobe will benefit from the addition of some principal outfits! The kids arrived and were cute all day giving me hugs, sending me pictures, and handing over gifts. I received a pack of Sharpies (they know I LOVE them), several teddy bears, and a basketball. It's amazing how they show their luv. At the end of the day we they threw a party: food, entertainment, and the like. One group played their instruments for me and another wrote a rap and performed it. I wish I would have gotten on video. We ate, hugged, and were merry. I sent them off with home made cookies and a chocolate eyeball telling them I would be watching them.
Such an emotional drain, leaving is hard, but this new adventure will be amazing! I have high hopes that I will love the new position and working at the Elementary Level. I'm ready!!! Stay tuned and be patient as I make this transition....the body is going to need to adjust.

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Nanners said...

Whoa!! TWO blogs in Oct??? WOW--I won't get used to that. I'm really one to complain since I haven't blogged the first blog yet, huh??? I am soooo proud of you. Weren't you my little first year mentee???? How did you pass ME on the career ladder? I think I just slid down to the ground, quite frankly...
twerk? gotta get a def on that one!
I will stay have a big fan in me!