Friday, October 24, 2008

Fine Dinning

B and I were suppose to attend a Pumpkin Carving Party last night at one of my Elementary buildings. His Daycare called at 5 and said that B had thrown up twice and wasn't looking so healthy. Don't mothers hate when their babies are sick?
I called home and let them know we would be arriving and it turned out to be a special event. Unc Kelen was coming over for dinner with Catee. Nana had made a yummo Rachel Ray meal, and the table conversation was great. B just cuddled on the couch resting and adding various "I'm gonna get that" to the different commercials.
The evening was winding down, the conversations were dwindling, and then all of the sudden we hear B bellow "UNC". Kelen responded, there was a pause......B finishes "Will you come wipe my butt?" We laughed and Kelen didn't even flinch. After their time together in the bathroom, you know with toddlers this bathroom time is simply honest and valuable. B asked Unc "What's wrong with your face? It's scratchy". Kelen informed him that he was growing hair on his face and B might some day too. B thought this was the "funniest joke" Unc ever told and laughed for sometime.
Family dinner time is AMAZING!

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Nanners said...

true! the neatest conversations occur when there are no other distractions (other than yummy roasted rosemary red skin potatoes that call my name for a second helping!)

We recently had a conversation that started out with AJ stating that her stomach had juices in it that helped her body use the food she ate. I was floored! How did she know that??? But the conversation soon turned to which boy she was going to make a husband with so that she could have a baby in her stomach. The good news is that she wants a baby lamb, so maybe we are safe for the moment!