Saturday, October 25, 2008

Elizabeth is on her way!!!

We just got a call on Thursday night and Ed is scheduled to pick Elizabeth up this week! He'll leave on Monday morning and return on Friday night! Her official Cincinnati arrival will forever be on Halloween! We are a flurry filling out final paperwork, getting things notarized, and just plain old excited!!!!! Ed will be able to see her as soon as he arrives and she will spend all of the week with him, but if all goes well the adoption will be officially complete on Thursday evening. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as anything goes in Guatemala!

And yes, this means I will be all alone in running the building all of this week. Who would have thought they'd leave me in charge so soon.....NOT ME!!! :)

1 comment:

Nanners said...

How exciting--everything! You being in charge is exciting too. Why not declare it "No Test Day" or Free French Fry Day!! Use your power wisely...