Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Absolutly Love This!

Typically I don't have a problem talking about things (writing in this forum), however I can't find the correct words to describe how much I love watching the joy, spirit, and positive excitement of my son this season. So please excuse the random ramblings of this entry!
Every little corner, day or night, brings an exciting new something to talk about. The lights, the mystery, the family. He's running of room to room asking about every little ornament, candle, and decoration. He talks to anyone about Santa, Jesus, and parties.
This evening we had some time at home alone. I needed to spend some moments cleaning for our Family Christmas Party tomorrow morning. I wanted to clean the floors and set the table. He was so ginger when walking across the floor, even after it dried. He ran around the circle table setting the plates and silverware in their proper place. (NOTE: I'm not implying that he's a genius; I was telling him...but still he WANTED to help)! He's saying cute things like "mommy if we go to sleep Santa will come" and "can you sing that "Chwistmas" song again?". He's tickled pink with the gifts people give him, even the smallest thing. I love him for all of this! I love being his mom! I'm feeling very blessed, very happy, very calm, and pleased that 2008 has brought me to these moments and feelings!

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Nanners said...

I've always heard that Christmas through a child's eyes is so much more meaningful! We've had a lot of gatherings, both here and elsewhere. It's so cute to see Anna Jane get so caught up in the excitement of GIVING presents that she forgets that she has them coming as well. She looks so surprised when someone hands her a wrapped gift! I could kill Alysia for giving her that Hannah Montana shirt, hat and purse---but I guess that kind of sounds ungrateful, doesn't it???