Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the Season

Well it's here! The pressure cooker of excitement! The anticipation of seeing Santa on every corner. The love of lights, chocolates, and mysterious gifts that randomly appear!

We've begun a couple of weeks ago looking for the all the Holiday events. We've enjoyed spending time with family and friends. The Festival of Lights at the Zoo was great; especially through the eyes of an almost 4 year old. You would have thought we'd never rode the train before. His eyes wouldn't' blink when he spoke with the Talking Christmas White Tigers. The 4-D movie of Polar Express was way on the top of the excitement factor. We've seen trains, trees, ice skating rinks.

I'm enjoying the excitement; at least when it doesn't involve the typical child meltdown. I'm looking forward to the fun games to come. Like the Gibbs in NC! They have a contest in the car each year where they see who can find the most flame head decorations (you know the candle sticks with big flames that people decorate their yard with). I tried to wiggle my way into this game by calling out all the candy canes; but it's not the same when you're not in the car with people who want/are playing with you! B doesn't know it but this game is in our future and I'M GOING TO BE THE WINNER! :0

May your holiday events bring smiles to your face and warmth to your heart!

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Nanners said...

Flame Head Game 2008
to date:
Nancy 16 (14 were in one yard!)
Otis 6
Anna Jane 2
So glad that you incorporated our little tradition into your family!