Monday, December 1, 2008

Forced Family Fun

Well we did it; our "Forced Family Fun" trip was a success. Granny took my Aunt Di, cousin Le, my Mom, Megan, and myself to Grand Ole' Opry! We stayed in the Cascades. The holiday decorations were absolutely gorgeous. I could have stayed and enjoyed them for at least two more nights. We saw the Rockettes and went to the ICE exhibit. ICE was unbelievable from an artistic point of view. The entire story of "The Grinch" was told completely in ice sculptures. There was even a 20 foot slide made out of ice. We all went down...even 88 year old Granny. The best part was just laughing and having fun. We took a "million" pictures of Granny (who hates the camera) for our gag gift exchange at Christmas. It was hilarious when she caught on to what were were doing; but you could tell she loved the attention.

B stayed home with Grandpa and Unc Kelen. I'm sure he had enough McD's to last him at least a month. Lord knows he didn't ask to eat there tonight. He is however punishing me for my absence! He's laying on the floor when told it's time to go, he's announcing that he is going to throw-up every four minutes, he's developed a skill of sticking his tongue out at me in irritation or disdain (my backhand is getting better as well). I finally broke down and sang "Santa Clause is Comin' To Town" you think that might help. I've taken away toys, banned TV, I just keep grasping at straws to find something...anything...that will convince him to be well behaved. I know he's only 3 but in my profession you see how quickly things can turn!
Keep us in your prayers....only one of us may make it through December!

*Side note: He said to me today....."Mom stop singing. I just can't take it any longer!" REALLY?!!! Where did he get that!!!!!!????????


Nanners said...

I am giggling and trying not wake AJ! I've heard you sing, girl!
Hey, maybe that's the ticket! Sing to him as a punishment!!!
I am so glad that you "gals" had such a good time. I would love to see some pics.

Jack-on-the-Lake said...

I've enjoyed catching up with you! Glad to hear all is well - despite some biting and such :)

I have not been on blogs at all lately. Sorry for the absence.