Friday, March 6, 2009

I Must Be Out of My Mind!

So my goal in life, well the one at the moment that has not been accomplished, is to find "the one"! So it's apparent by my previous "dating" patterns have not only been less than successful but have also been destructive to my self-esteem as well. So a couple of my girl friends who sit in similar "boat" as I am got together and decided to do a book study on dating. We're working through the book "Love In 90 Days".

I've learned that I do not make myself open to men. So I've been focused on saying hello and smiling instead of looking at them like "what do you want?". I've also have been attempting to accept dates from men I may have not previously been attracted to. It's silly but amazing that I really am feeling better about myself as more men smile back or speak. The book recommends dating in threes, meaning trying to date more than one guy at a time. This method apparently, I haven't accomplished that, keeps one from obsessing over a guy, or giving him so much attention that he runs!

Tonight we were out to dinner and it struck me our waiter was handsome, fun, good with the boys, and a hard worker. I blew caution to the wind and left my number. The note said: "You have a great smile and are such a harder worker. I'd be interested in chatting sometime." I signed it, left my number, and then honestly my sanity came back and I ran for sheer embarrassment. So will he call? I don't know, but what I do know is that I made a step. A step in the direction of "why wouldn't he want my number I'm a catch"! A step away from hibernating away for fear of rejection. So if he (Anthony) calls great, if he doesn't...his loss.....RIGHT!?


atomic momma said...

Hi there Jemel! This is Nancy's friend Anne....the one who policed all the kids with a warm heart and leather glove over the summer when you visited!

Yes! If he doesn't call it's his loss. One of the things I know NOW that I am married is that when men are interested they make time for you. For the longest time I thought I could make a man move and wasted my time fawining and pining over guys who weren't going to move.

Steve Harvey has a good book now on dating called, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." He was on Oprah and how I wish I had this advice when I was dating. I could have saved myself heartache and stopped wasting time on men who weren't interested in me or commitment

Nanners said...

WOW--two blogs in one week! I am jealous! I'm glad that Anne gave you some feedback---now you know that you have people COUNTING on you to update!!
Keep me posted on 'Anthony'
love you and miss you

Jack-on-the-Lake said...

soooo....did he call??