Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Breath In Breath Out

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks) where you find the need to remind yourself to breath? Me? This week would be one of them!

1. Seriously, I had no idea that selling a house could be so much of a roller coaster ride. They told me...but I shrugged it off. They were right! The house was under contract and in the last minute the buyer bailed. "Thanks, thanks a lot!" So my stomach got turned inside out because after reading the inspectors list I didn't even want to live in my own home. In comes good ole' dad, bringing me back to reality. Now I've worked on getting some things in order and I've got another offer. I'm holding my breath. The ride goes up and down. Pray for me. I'm not sure how much longer I can remain calm and mature in the face of neighborhood harassment!


2. Kids! I walked to the edge of the earth and nearly dived off in frustration today. One of my "babies" started the rumor that she slapped me and I cried. Really? Do any of you know me? So as the students started the buzz I just smiled and thought......clearly that student is still breathing so she obviously didn't hit me. Another "baby" threatened his mother on me....."she's gonna tell me how it is". Bring it on! I'm a good listener.


3. My crush....yes I had one...he got scared and has "disappeared". Damn, I tried to tip toe but still enjoy his company. I crossed the "she's a safe girl" line and now I know he's gone. Truly, I hate being alone, I just want to find that someone who will "like" me as much as I "like" them. Am I asking to much? Know any single men?


4. Eating! Why is it that when life hits the hills of a roller coaster I suddenly want to hold on to a......PIZZA? I've been doing so well at eating healthy, then the hills hit and I go on a full fledged pizza eating frenzy. Mmmmmmm thin crust, pan, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, mushroom...mmmmmm must I go one. So the pizza got me, but I will prevail! I must loose some weight by the time swim suit season arrives.



Jack-on-the-Lake said...

Good grief! You have a lot on your plate right now. What neighborhood harassment?? Hopefully nothing too bad?

I'm sorry you are going through such struggle right now.

Hugs from Wisconsin.

nancy said...

You know, pizza is not a bad thing. Sounds like you got all the food groups in!