Monday, March 19, 2007

From the mouth of babes!

Okay so this blog experience is suppose to be about me and B....but most of my loyal readers realize that I also have approx. 120 other babies as well. When you spend 180 days with children, hear about their family lives, stop their fights and bickering, give hugs, remind about homework, share celebrations, and wish they'd stop calling your've officially become a teacher. This brings me to today's blog!

Yes I think it's funny that B says "What happins?" when he falls in the mud. Yes it's a good laugh when he reminds me everyday "My penis" and proceeds to play hide and seek with himself, but really the stories below are true! These kids really do believe the information below.

My sixth graders were assigned a research report. They each selected a Country and were provided with an outline to fill out. The "regular" kids worked on four sections: geography, historical facts, people and culture, and government and education. Here are just a couple of "facts" that I've read prepared and worried, this kids although sweet will be taking care of us when we reach the nursing home.....I'm considering shooting myself before I allow that move! LOL

1. When asked under the people and culture section what races were in Egypt student E replied:
There's only one race in Egypt, but that was in 1996. I don't think there will
be anymore for about ten years.
E is referring to the Olympics. However he must have forgotten that the 1996 Olympics were in Atlanta!
Furthermore when asked about the famous leaders he stated:
Some famous leaders in Egypt are the Sun God and Upper and Lower Egypt.
Really the Sun God? What major decision has he made lately? Is he in the UN?

2. Under the section of historical facts I was told the following about Japan by student Sh:
In Japan they speak Spanish and the country was founded when two men
and a woman went to the space station.
Really the space station? How did that work? Spanish in Japan, now there's a thought!

3. Student M reports about the occupations of woman in Mexico
The occupation of woman in Mexico is to get pregnant and then take care of
When asked what the men do? She replied:
Ms. W the men don't do nuttin'!

4. Student Sy also completes a report on Mexico and shares with me:
In Mexico they've been bullfighting for millions of years!
I'm sad to tell you that we have learned about the Cavemen this year. Apparently either I didn't teach it well enough or she didn't learn. A million years! OMG

Needless to say I'm still laughing as I plug away at grading these papers. Most of them are smart kids who just didn't want to do the work or thought I just wouldn't want to read their paper. Others just aren't real smart yet. Either way the humor is great!


nancy said...

Do you think that kid meant, "Son of God"--as in Jesus? Cause, really, he could be considered a leader worldwide!
Ah--that brought back memories of:
I would like one Mexican on my table and Mr. Riddle telling us that he was going to have a voodoo witch perform a spell on his son or just let him smoke pot to calm him down!!!
What a nice surprise to see another blog so soon!!!
Nan in NC

Jack-on-the-Lake said...

Oooooh, be scared! That is REALLY bad :)

But I do not think it reflects on you as a teacher At. All.

In fact, you would have to be purposely messing with them in a big way to get that kind of information wrong.