Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Deed is Done.... Now one foot in front of the other!

My entire life has been filled with great distaste for running, but with that distaste came great admiration for people who could commit to and finish marathons. It has always been a secret desire of mine, despite my distaste, to show this kind of commitment. So I've gone and done it...I've signed up for my first race. OK, my goal was to shoot for realism and work towards the dream so I'll be competing in the USAF Half-Marathon in September. My plan is to walk the 13.1 miles. Again, I decided not to pretend that I'm still a healthy athlete instead just admit that the athlete is hidden under years of pizza, beer, and oh yeah a baby.
My official training will begin the first of June but I will be easing into walking daily until then. I had attempted to be prepared for the half-marathon for the flying pig, but sickness all winter really hit me hard so hopefully my body is ready now. Wish me luck..better yet persistence. I'll keep ya posted on my success!

Note other secret dreams I may be attempting within the next 5 years a full marathon and a triathlon. Only time will tell.

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