Thursday, April 10, 2008

A shot worth keeping!

My good friends Keith and Karri have started a business called "3x3 Photography". The company is in it's early stages, but their work is tried and true! When I was pregnant with B they had this gorgeous collage of pictures of their oldest son. After I discovered that Keith had taken the pictures I made them promise to produce one of my child after my delivery. They agreed and I smile daily as I pass their view of my precious piece of art. (okay that may have been a bit queer, but when you really think of it he did grow in my womb for 9 months...and that is the longest time I've ever worked on a piece of art....and he is priceless so queer it is.)

How ecstatic was I when they informed me that they were starting a business and wanted to take an older view of B. I couldn't ask for better shots! They are getting their web page up and running soon and I will post it when they do. Let me know if you are interested so I can pass the word along and encourage them that their new business is a "hot commodity". I hope you can experience the joy of captivating the special flash moments of your little one and having them turned into art. The 3 x3 above will be for my home and the 3x1 will be for my father's (an optometrist) office.

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Nanners said...

Love, love, love these pix! Think our JCPenney shots will be as cute??? Nah!