Friday, August 22, 2008

For the Love of Shoes

The return to school has been painless...except for my feet! The first day I wore comfortable sandals with a wedge heal, no pain just a bit sore from standing all day...maybe I should consider training for work in the future. The second day I sported my Crocks so all was well. The third day had me brave and I was dying to wear my new shinny oatmeal heals! By the time I arrived to work my personal heals were bleeding...blisters and all on both feel. The fourth day I evaluated my lower extremity situation and opted for a high wedge black sandal...comfortable! I walked into the quiet building only to notice that my shoes made an irritating and LOUD squeak with every single flippin' step! The shoes were violently placed in the corner of the room and I proceeded through the day bare foot (but at least not pregnant)! The fifth day brought me to a Friday and with much joy my piggies found themselves comfortably placed in my New Balance gym shoes. They were warm in my 85 degree classroom but smiling non-the-less!

I love cute shoes! I will continue to try and wear cute/sexy shoes, but we'll be taking a break this week!

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Nanners said...

why must we suffer for beauty???
I saw a new line of CUTE and really high fashion shoes and boots made by our friends CROCS!! haven't seen them in stores yet, but there were several pages of ads in one of my mags this month--could they possibly be as comfortable as our "looks the box they came in crocs"?????