Thursday, August 7, 2008

What we've been up to!

Well the house, however perfect, will not be ours. I decided the timing just isn't right for us and I have a goal for this year to put us in a better place for buying the "true perfect" house. I'm going to focus on aggressively paying down my debt. I'm also going to finish applying for my Principal certificate, get my resume updated, and be ready to look for a principal job for next school year. So this year will be light on the gift giving, the traveling, and the eating dinners out. The rewards will be outstanding!!!

This week B went back to school full time and I followed suit. It was nice to be back in the building getting my room ready. Today I finally took a deep breath at my desk and thought "I can spend time here!" I'm ready. So the bulletin boards are done, the cleaning is as good as it gets, the papers are copied, I'm confident and ready for the new group of kids.

B took on the topic of wildlife. He's told me all about quails, rabbits, turtles, and snails. He loves learning, swimming, walking with his mom, kung-fu fighting, and aggravating. Got to love him!

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