Monday, November 10, 2008

Another crazy week

B had new ear tubes put in last week. He clearly recovered quicker than me. He woke up ready to go. Me I was spent from quietly stressing about his safety. The procedure really was as easy as they say. He was up and bounding around as soon as we got home. He did however make a huge throw-up mess at 10:30 pm. I was glad I took the next day off! We're good though. We, okay I, rested all weekend and felt like myself this morning! Haven't felt this rested in over a month. The job change has been full of fast paced stress and I'm still adjusting. Trying to give myself some slack to adjust. I've decided that I won't comment on liking or disliking the job until after B's birthday in January. That should be sufficient time to get the real feel of things.
Hope all is well in "reader" land!

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Nanners said...

I hope that the new tubes will help B get lots of "smiley faces" at school. I bet you will see a big difference! Isn't puke the grossest???? I never really know how to clean it up...haven't had too much experience, luckily! Any pointers???

News on the NC front:
AJ is in her big girl bed--all shades of pink, of course...with NO PASSY! ON the morning of her birthday, we cut the nipple part off (sounds distressing, huh?) and she has done great. Tonight will make one week without it and she's not whined or asked about it at all. Maybe it was more of a parent know, trying to keep 'em babies as long as possible??