Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cute Question

So B was a bit concerned last night that I didn't pick him up from school or come home before he was in bed. If you're a reader of all of the blog you know that's because of the PTA meeting that was called last night. So this morning my little guy crawls up into bed at 4:30 and feels on my face to make sure it's "mom". Then he says "Good Morning Mommy! You weren't home last night. What do Principals do?"

At 4:30 that's a REALLY good question. How do you answer that in toddler ease? Me? I said "Well I teach students how to behave at school. I help teachers learn to teach better, and I talk with Mommies and Daddies." He seemed satisfied and then broke into song and a dissertation about how much he loves his teacher.

"Goin' on a Bear Hunt! I"M NOT SCARED!" and "Moon, moon, moon" and the "Circle Time Song". So maybe I won't have an athlete maybe he'll be a singer! Either way I can be confident that asking questions won't be something he struggles with!

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Nanners said...

TWO entries in less that 24 hours! WOW--what a treat!
Anna Jane asked me, in the middle of night, somewhere around 3:30am, if I would promise to help her find a boy to love. What is running throught their minds?
She is so happy to have me home this week. Soon life will be back to normal!