Friday, January 9, 2009

Is There Enough Room?

Just so I can remember how sweet some of the things that B says:

1. At 2:00 am; "Mommy is there enough room for me?" as he asks to sleep in my bed.

2. "Mommy will you do me a "favorite"?" (means: will you do me a favorite)

3. No fanks

4. "Mommy you know what I'm thinkin you thinkin?" "Do ya?"

B - There will always be room for you with me! As we approach your 4th Birthday I remember how far you've come. As I see your long legs climb up on the furniture I remember you curled up in my arms at the hospital. I not only cherish the moments we have had but look forward to the places we'll be going together.

I Love you!

1 comment:

Nanners said...

how sweet. Try to record him, too. You will forget what his sweet little voice sounds like.