Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Before the new year arrived I like many people sat down and made a plan for the upcoming year. the difference between this year and previous years is that I'm making a plan not a resolution! We'll see if that makes a difference.
1. I'm planning on walking another 1/2 marathon in the spring.
2. I'm planning to prepare to start the 2010 year off with a full marathon.
3. I'm planning on applying for a Doctorate program.
(I think that's enough for personal planning)

So how did it all start off. Well my plans are in action and my training is on the go. The rest of life however flopped!

On January 1 B was bitten by our neighbors dog. The bite is on his face and is rather ugly. We spent several hours in the Emergency Room. We left with stitches, lots of antibiotics, and an exhausted family. He seems to be recovering well, although the medicine regime is difficult. We've met with "the dog" and forgave her. All is working back towards happy!

January 2 left me sitting at a dinner table (in public) all alone. It's called being stood up for a blind date. I haven't heard the reason yet, and maybe I really don't want to. I'm not nearly as devastated today as I was that evening; however I did stay and eat the meal. I was impressed that I didn't run...growth is a beautiful thing.

Even though the first two days of 2009 brought not so fun surprises I'm feeling good about the upcoming year!

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