Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bed Time Funnies!

B has been such a handful when the sun goes down. It is very obvious to me that he loves to distract me from and prolong the process as often as possible. Some evenings I'm just too tired to fight it other nights I feel like I could conquer anything he would throw at me!

Last night was a "I'm going to hold strong night". We took a calming bath, read 5 books (one for each of his years and one to grown on)! We sang a song and I rubbed his back for 5 min. (which felt like 20). I quietly stood up to go about my business and the kid started into a heart throbbing sad cry. He began a monologue about wanting a brofer and sisfer! He was adamant that his bed "stinks" not as in smells bad but as in "sucks". I explained in an oh so calm voice that only God can send us brothers and sisters, and maybe we should pray for that to happen. My son becomes quiet for a moment and then the sobbing begins again. "Mom I don't know how to pray for that!" I rub his back and say well you just ask God for what you want and then he'll work on it. So B begins "God, I want a brofer and sisfer. I want them to sweep with me cause my bed stinks" He pauses, rolls over to me, and says "Well where are they?"
Dear oh dear, I did not expect for him to think that a new brother or sister would just appear. So my heart ached, after I of coarse told him he should tell Nana what he prayed for! HA, she probably had a heart attack! I invited B to sleep in my bed and told him I knew he was lonely. So we cuddled. What happened to "I will hold strong"? Who knows, but damn we slept great.

I awoke this morning to a four year old with no pj pants or underwear on. I questioned him "B, why don't you have any pants on?" He replied very matter of fact, "Cause when my penis gets tall I have to play with it". Stunned I stutter "Oh, okay". How is one to respond to that? He kills me! It's all I can do not to laugh!


Nanners said...

well, when a penis gets tall, I have to play with it too! What's the problem???

Anna Jane was also praying for a brofer or sister. When she finished up, she told me that God was a "good guy" and that she would probably get what she wanted.

and for the record, our priest has a son named Jesus, according to AJ.

Nanners said...
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Nanners said...

and it's nice to have you back blogging. I check it every day--it was a nice surprise today!