Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Buzz

Well our family Christmas is tomorrow, only a week and a day early...but whose counting? The family, Nana, Papa, Megan, Kelen, Ben, Lindsey, and B and I will be sharing the day together. We're busy setting the table, wrapping gifts, and running to the grocery for all those forgotten incidentals. Nana and Megan took B downtown today to see the Train display. He left in glee, squealing "Choo-choo! Choo-choo!" and "Frain" (his version of the worlds common word of train). I now have a few hours to finish up and get ready for bad I'll probably only fit in eating and taking a much needed nap! Oh how priorities of alone time change with the arrival of a child.

I've had at least three conversations debating on whether or not B should receive his gifts tomorrow or if I should split them up and save some for Christmas morning when we're alone. As my mind was wandering both my mom and sister reminded me that my concern was based more on my idea of Christmas than B's....he'll just be thrilled no matter what and has no idea what the date is or really what "Santa" even does. I'll pass along my final wisdom filled decisions after I figure out what I'll decide to do!

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