Monday, December 18, 2006

Round One

Yesterday was round one for Christmas 2006. Our immediate family choose to have our celebration early because Nana and Megan have to work on Christmas day this year. We enjoyed planning the unique menu (grilled burgers for Christmas dinner, who would have thought?) and I enjoyed moving around furniture for the event.

B had a cheesy grin all morning, until he remember that his back teeth were coming in and it actually was uncomfortable. The day was filled with quick openings of packages and a heartfelt "Wow" or "Oooooooooo" towards the package box and then the little guy asked for more. It really is true that I could have just wrapped empty boxes and he would have been just as happy! He opened a Clifford sweater from Megan and Ben and knew exactly who that Big Red Dog was. Lindsey (Unc's girlfriend) gave him the Hokey Pokey Elmo...and of coarse MY SON is shaking it all about! The car ramp and a soft "bigger than B" Elmo doll were hits as well. You can tell by the pictures that he was very intent on investigating his new toys and we all enjoyed sharing in his excitement.
The most touching gift was given to my by "B", Grandpa did the shopping. It was a book about awesome mothers, you know one of those cute quote books with the pictures of baby animals with their moms. It's one of those gifts that I'll cherish and enjoy reading right before I reach the brink on wanting to pull my hair out...LOL. Megan gave me a great gift as well. She gave me a three wheeled stroller, one of those big numbers that allow you to run/walk at a much faster pace. I'm looking forward to using it to fly to NC next week, but more importantly to help B and I put exercising back into our daily routine
A new addition to our family is Tater, pictured below. Ben finally resigned to giving Megan her much desired dog. It was a big Christmas surprise, and after a couple days of keeping the secret and suffering the wrath of Megan I know Ben will never be a sneaky man. Bless all three of their hearts!
The start to our Christmas only made me excited for more. I look forward to posting more about our events. I hope you and yours are off to a great holiday start.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogville; cute post.
B is SO cute and growing into such a little man. Tell him Uncle Keith says "Hi".

Is the Hokey Pokey Elmo the one that rolls around laughing, pounding its fists, etc? If so, that's the one I want.

Now, Tater? As in "They call me Tater Salad"?

Miss you both,

Keith H