Friday, December 22, 2006

What Blessings!

Do you find that this season brings about more focus on how lucky we are? I spent this last week of work selling "junk" (body soap, picture frames, candles, etc.) from the team of teachers homes to our students. My sixth graders were so grateful and excited to have an opportunity to buy something "special" for their family members, even if the items were rejects from someones home. Mean while the school was collecting coats (total 110) for the needy, and money to take 25 needy students Christmas shopping with a $100 budget. Then as the buzz of excitement ticked by as dismissal time approached we received an email that one of our students home had burned down. He is one of 4 children, two of which are very ill; the 3 year old being on dialysis. This family just lost everything, the roof over their head, their clothes, furniture, medicines, and medical equipment. It makes walking into your house to find that the strand of lights at the top of the Christmas Tree has burned out so minimal and nearly a silly thought. Although donating items to those that are less fortunate makes one feel appreciative for what they do have, I wish everyone was able to have the basic necessities of life....especially children!

Here's to loving your family and appreciating what wonderful blessings you've been granted! Here's to spending time with those that you love and painting beautiful memories and experiences on the blank canvas we call children!

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