Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Traveling Two

Things to consider when taking a
wonderful two year old boy
on an air plane:
1. Does the child have an ear infection that will cause him to have random acts of violence?
2. Is your hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail so this sweet little boy does not decide to become a beautician and sweep all strands over your eyes and into your mouth only to distract you from his next "evil" plan?
3. Have you been in bicep and tricep training in order to place the tightest bear hug ever around his small torso as the little (yet strong) boy thrashes in his attempt to escape your reach only to run up and down the ever so roomy aisle of the puddle jumper?
4. Did you tie the new white (yes lace up) shoes tight enough so that they do not become launching missiles onto the other passengers innocent forehead?
And finally
5. Can you carry the check on bag (with diapers, toys, and necessary id), the child, a folded up jogging stroller, and your own body up a flight of stairs down the hall and around the bend to the baggage claim only to add more to your list?

If so....YOU GO GIRL!!!!
Thank heaven for compassionate friends and family who realized that my weary look was well earned and my grateful sigh at the view of their presence was filled with much gratitude!


Jack-on-the-Lake said...

Oh girl I have been THERE. We flew from Milwaukee to Cincy, a very short plane trip, and it was the longest hour and a half of my LIFE.

Where did you go?

J Dub said...

We went to NC to visit Nancy and Otis and Anna Jane. The flight was
part of our Christmas gift

I must tell you I'm enjoying reading your blog....I check it
everyday. As you can see I'm a bit behind in mine, but I'm working on it. I
can tell you all have settled in; meeting new friends and what not, I'm
happy for you. And I can't believe how big L is getting! Can you
believe that we've made it two years already! B has a card for L but in
true Jemel fashion it's still sitting on the table! We spent the other
day with Sara and Brad; lots of reminiscing of our pregnancies and the
kids. Good times! Good times! Wish you all were here because I've
finally reached the stage where we have to go have multiple play dates
each week....and you all are so fun! Miss you!!!!