Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006: Round Two

A new tradition has begun. For the past two years I've made breakfast and Nana and Papa (recently called "Bob") come over to enjoy the food and fellowship. This year B opened the presents that Santa brought. A big tent! What a treat! Big Lego's in a red fire truck...how did he know? By the way Mom loves to pick up those dag-blasted Lego's...what was she thinking!? An enjoyable morning followed by a much needed nap and then we head to Dayton. Granny Great has an unbelievable feast of Chicken Rolls, Ribs, rolls, sweet potatoes, double baked potatoes....pies......mmmmmm the memory is wonderful! It's hard to contain your mouth watering and not eating yourself silly.
Santa stopped by and gave us chocolate bars from the elves. B nearly knocked out all adults in the way to get in front of the man in red and proclaim "HO HO" "HO HO"....he really did admire the generous saint nick with wonder. Next year will be great.
A good night was had by all and the "Screw Santa" exchange between the family left me with a glittery gold pair of boxers (I'm sure the next man in my life will appreciate them!) and snowman floor mat. A good year...but the best is Granny fighting Megan for the Cone Dustbuster which she now swears by and all the cheap wooden frames filled with "OH so lovely pictures of Granny" in the past. Boy do these pictures irritate her....hope they show up again next year!

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