Monday, December 11, 2006

My First Time

We're gearing up for the Holiday's. B is calling Santa, "HoHo", the standing joke is "Don't call your mom a "Ho". He has no clue but just laughs along with the rest of us. His personality just oozes out of his pores, he laughs and goes just like his mom...and crashes at night just like her too. He's obsessed with the lights of the season and is quick to call everything a "flashlight". I must say his favorite part of the season so far is that he's had time to hang out with Unc (Uncle Kelen). They seem to be best buds....B cries with pure sadness when Unc leaves him (again just like his mom).

We're starting to form our family traditions. Decorations up Thanksgiving Night, trip to the Festival of Lights at the Zoo, Sitting on Santa's lap (escorted by Aunt Megan), and a trip with Megan downtown to see the trains.

I'm still amazed at how much of the season's energy surges into B's body. I love the excitement he brings and am fighting off the personal exhaustion so as to enjoy every moment! May all of your days be enjoyable and memorable.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I am so glad you are blogging and I can keep up with you. Miss you guys too and can't wait to see you in Feb.

He is getting sooo big! L will be glad to see him for sure.